5 Strategies to Build Your Email List in 2020

All the guru's always talk about list building but they never tell you how to do it. In this weeks video, I'm going to tell you five ways that you can build your email list that ANYONE can do!

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Everybody always tells you you need to build a list, but they never go into the details. In this video, I'm going to give you five practical ways that you can start using immediately to build your list. Here we go. Let's jump into them.

Tip #1: Offer a Free Report

An example of a lead magnet
Number one, this is one of my favorite ways to actually start building a list and it's very common online. You've seen it everywhere. It's offering a free report in exchange for an email address. Now, this needs to be pretty related to your niche. Let's say you're in gardening. It could be how to grow flowers or best practices when gardening, something like that, that's very related. All you need to do with that is actually create a report and then have some areas on your website where you offer it and people will download it. There you go. Bam!


Tip #2: Offer a FREE Video Course

an example of a video course bribe

Number two, you can offer a video course. People love free courses. You offer a video course related to your niche where you get them interested in whatever you're talking about. You show that you're the authority and there you go. They're already into your funnel, to make it multiple parts and actually ask for their email address, to get them your free video course, and then you can up-sell them later down the line.


Tip #3: Offer Incentives like Coupon Codes

Number three, here we go. Number three? Number three. Number three is offering a coupon code. This is probably a little more towards eCommerce but you're selling a product or service. When people are about to exit the page, what they call exit intent, you could offer a coupon, which would go on a percentage off of whatever their order was or you can offer something else like, “Hey, free shipping on your order if you order now,” and ask for their email address. There you go. You've just built a list of a person who's interested. You then email them the code or just give it to them on the next screen, and you've got another subscriber. Bam!


Tip #4: Offer FREE Trials / Consultations

Number four, this one's pretty similar, but what you could do is if you're offering a product or service, you could say, “Hey, here's a free trial,” and ask for somebody's email. If you're selling a service, you could say free consultation or something else like that, but basically, people love free anything, whether it's a free trial, a free consultation. They like to think that they're getting something for free. Nothing in life is free. Give them something for free and sell them with your bad-ass service.


Tip #5: Social Proof

an example of social proof on an email form

Finally, one of my favorites, number five, which is social proof. People need to see testimonials. They need to see proof that you are what you claim to be, your business is what it claims to be. Social proof will help you get more subscribers. For instance, here's my example of my website where I added one line of text and now the subscriptions are going through the roof just by me showing a fact. Here's the before, and here's the after. All I did was add some text to it, but now more people are signing up. They want to be included. They want to be in a community.


There you go. I know this video was pretty quick. Those are five ways you can build your list today. Go out there. Start building your list. Start implementing some of these techniques, and you, too, will start building your list. If you're not already subscribed to my … Go out there and start building your list, but hey, if you're not subscribed to my list, shameless plug here, if you're not subscribed to my list already, go to PrestonsCorner.com and be sure to subscribe. I've got a really cool rapport where I'll show you 38 of the best online tools. Check that out in the subscription below. I'll try to put a card up here in the YouTube video, as well, so be sure to check that out. Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to me on YouTube, and I'll see you next week.




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