How I Got The Sony a5100 for Just $268 and You Can Too!

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Hey everybody. Welcome back to another video in this video, I'm going to show you exactly how you can buy the Sony eight 5,100, how I got a super deal on it and how you can too. Here we go. Let's do it right now.

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back. Thanks for hanging with me here. Okay, so I'm on I'm looking at the Sony a 5,100. Now this is just for the body. Look, there's some people trying to do some price gouging. This is horrible. $439 for a used Sony, a 5,100. If you go over here to B and, I'll have blinks down below it's $448 brand new. Unfortunately, it's not available. There's a status of more on the way it'll be there in two to four weeks. So you could order it here and wait, or you could get it used. However, however, I got it for a fraction of the cost. Here it is. I'm going to reveal it right now. Check this out. This is the Sony, a 5,100 on BNH for $268 and 50 cents. Now, how did I do that? Well, this is the eight 5,100 body only.

There's no image because I got it used and there was only one of them, two 68 50. Then I can buy the exact lens that I want for the camera. I don't have to use the kit lens because you'll soon realize that the kit lens is not the greatest lens. Now this right here is not the kit lens. This is another lens that I have this right here is the upgraded lens. So you're going to want to save some coin to buy an upgraded lens. I love the Sigma I'll link to that bad boy down below. But look at this $268 used great condition. You've got a warranty through BNH. You don't have to worry if anything goes wrong on it. And look at this brand new four 48. That's a huge, huge savings. Okay? And you've even got these yahoos over here trying to sell it for four 39 used.

You can get it for two 68. How do you do it? Well, what you need to do is go to B and H photo, go over here to the used section and in the used section, you'll see it's used by, by adding or excuse me by clicking used. And then you'll see this use tab right here. And then you just type in a 5,100 press enter. And unfortunately there are no more used a 51 hundreds, but you can see here it's new. What you can do is you can sit here on this page and check this page and actually at the bottom here, maybe at the top, I can't remember, but it'll show a little area of the page. That'll say you buy used from, you know, the two 68 50 range, and it'll say used options available. What you want to do is click that. It'll take you to the used product page and you can buy it for a fraction of the cost. Now that is pretty insane that you could get it that much off. That's a great deal. So that's how I buy cameras that are with a warranty for a fraction of the cost. And then you've got some money for your other gear. Thank you so much for watching. Leave your comments, questions, and thoughts down below, and I'll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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