The Truth About Dropshipping in 2020

Hey, what’s going on everybody. Preston here. And in this video, I just wanted to talk about drop shipping. And I wanted to explain some of the things that you’ll never hear from some of these dropshipping people on the internet. Who just hype, hype, hype, hype drop shipping. It’s the best business model. You […]

Secret Tools of 3rd Party Sellers on Amazon in 2020

Secret tools of Amazon Sellers

Ladies and gentlemen, you are not going to believe this, but there are tools that are used by Amazon sellers that nobody knows about. In this video, I’m going to show you the five seller tools that you need to know about if you’re an Amazon seller. Amazon Tool #1: Helium 10 Here we go. […]

5 Shopify Product Page Optimizations for 2020

Shopify Product Page Optimizations

I’m going to give you 5 Product Page optimizations, to help you obliteration the competition. These are tips I learned over the years helping clients do millions of dollars in sales. Product Page Tip #1: 5 Excellent Product Photos Make sure you have at least five excellent product photos. Check out how Bose does a […]

How this entrepreneur’s blog makes $100,000+ per month

Pat Flynn's Blog Income Reports

For those in the internet marketing space, Pat Flynn is a legend. Not only has he managed to create one of the most popular blogs and podcasts in the entire industry, but he’s also done so with a strong sense of loyalty to his core audience, never sacrificing that trust in exchange for a quick […]

SEMrush Review: The Best SEO Tool in 2020

SEMRush Review 2020

A website without Search Engine Optimization is like a fine dinner without the entree. The table is set, the vegetables are ready, but when you sit down for that luscious dinner… there is no meat, no chicken or pasta either. All you have is a little broccoli and a bit of salad – and no […]

Thrive Leads Review 2020

Thrive Leads Review By Preston Miller

Do your prospects now come to your website? Wow that’s great! But there is just one huge problem, once they get there, “POOF”, they suddenly just disappear. In fact, they never even stay long enough to read your content. AND THAT’s really BAD! In the industry, This type of traffic is known as the people […]

Thrive Architect Review 2020

thrive architect review

The team over at Thrive Themes have just released a NEW product called Thrive Architect. It’s not a totally new product; it’s a revamped and re-branded version of their old Thrive Content Builder. But it’s not the usual rebrand, they have added some serious tech and features under the hood to Thrive Architect which warrants […]

Millionaire Blogger Reveals His WordPress Theme

  In this video, I’m gonna show you how to make money from your blog, and I’m gonna show you how to get the best WordPress blogging theme that is on the market right now. So, Matthew Woodward has just revealed what WordPress theme that he is using. And this guy knows his stuff. He […]

How I’ve Made Over $6,000 on

how to sell gigs on

Hey everybody. It’s Preston here, and I didn’t want to release this video, because in this video, I’m showing you how I made over $6,000 on This is my screen here. I’m doing a screen recording. I’m doing a green screen recording, taking out the background behind me, because I wanted to show you […]

Calling All Green Screen Creators!!! – (FREE NEW Product for You)

Green Screen

  My Udemy Green Screen Course – I’m launching a new product and I need green screen creators to contact me to get your FREE review copy! All you have to do is send me a message or leave a comment below and prove that you are a green screen creator!

Best Email List Building Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2020

best list building plugins for wordpress

Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s Preston here from, and today, I’m going to tell you something really, really important. I’m going to tell you the three best ways, the three plugins, three tools that you can use to start building your list. There are some of the best plugins. I’ve used all three […]

Case Study: How a Mic Giveaway Drove 111 New Subscribers


    I was filling out a contest the other day on a website to win a boosted board and as I was putting in my name and email address I began to wonder if these types of giveaways actually worked  from a lead regeneration perspective.  I mean sure you have tons of people who […]

What I learned at Hustlecon 2017

Hustlecon 2017

Whew! I just got back from Hustlecon 2017 and I wanted to share some of the key lessons I learned from some of the world’s best founders and hustlers with all of you! Hustlecon 2017 was my first time attending the conference. I booked my ticket right after Casey Neistat was confirmed as a speaker […]

Mic Review & Rode VideoMic Me Giveaway


Today, I’m talking about audio, but more specifically, I’m talking about how you can upgrade your audio on your smartphone with the RØDE VideoMic Me. I’ve been playing around with this thing for the last week and a half, and this thing is fantastic. I’ll talk more about it here in a minute. You might […]

JvZoo Launches JvZoo Academy with Sam Bakker


JvZoo has launched their 1st ever Training Academy. JvZoo is a global technology company that drives online sales. They provide the network, tools and solutions essential for building a successful and profitable internet business. They have partnered with internet marketing pro Sam Bakker to provide the ultimate training package for internet marketers. Why am I telling […]

Can You Make Money Podcasting in 2020?


Boom. What’s going on, everybody? It’s your boy, Preston, here. It’s your trustworthy online marketing guy. Today, I want to talk about something really interesting, and that is podcasts. Love them or hate them, a shitload of people are listening to podcasts. The podcast audience is 57 million Americans in total. Podcasting, it’s here. It’s a […]

Should You Use a Popup on Your Website?

truth about website popups

Hey, everybody. What’s going on? It’s Preston here from Today I’ve got a very important question that I want to answer, and the question is, should I use a popup on my website? Will I get dinged by Google? What are the benefits? What are the cons? I’ll talk about it and I’ll answer […]

Should You Start A Blog in 2020? (Explained)


Hey everybody what’s going on. Today’s question is, is blogging dead? And my answer is yes, and I’ll tell you why right after this. All right guys, so today’s question is, is blogging dead? And I would said yes and I’ll tell you why I said yes. There’s a few people who blog, who can […]

Goodbye Canon! Why I’m Switching to Sony Cameras


In this video blog post I explain why I’m getting rid of my Canon camera and switching to a Sony 4k video camera! I am NOT saying that Sony is better than Canon. I just want to tell you why I’m switching from my Canon to a Sony. All right, everybody. So it’s true. I’m […]

Best 4k Video Cameras for 2020


2017 is the year that 4k content will start to become mainstream! Netflix, ESPN, and some YouTube creators have already started offering content in 4K. So how can you start offering 4K content to your own audience? In this post, I want to discuss the options available for video creators to create content in this […]

How to do the Wistia Video Background in Your Videos

One of my favorite blogs on the planet is Wistia. I love their content, guides, and videos but what always intrigued me was their background style. In this video, I want to show you how to get the Wistia style effect in your own videos. It can be confusing trying to get a good look […]

How to Collect Emails on Your WordPress Website


So you’ve got a WordPress site and you want to start collecting emails aka “building your list” but how exactly do you do it? You’re a blogger after all and not a technical genius. Fear not because in this post I’m going to show you how to do this without any custom programming or complicated technical […]

How to Leverage Video Marketing in 2020


Video is everywhere. It’s on our mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and of course tvs. People are consuming video content like crazy and the trend doesn’t is projected to keep growing BUT how can your brand leverage video content? How can you create video content that gets your more leads and ultimately sales? In this video […]

How I Make Videos From My Home Studio


Video is the best type of content you can produce for your business but creating videos is not easy. In this post, I wanted to share my home studio video making equipment. In this video, I give you a behind the scenes look at my home studio including my $500 green screen, my camera set […]

WP Theme Ultima Review & Members Area Walkthrough & EPIC BONUS PACKAGE

wp theme ultima review

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’1′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’1′][/responsive_video]   Watch my WP Theme Ultima Review and be sure to grab my exclusive bonus package that shows you how to sell WordPress sites to local businesses in your area. [thrive_link color=’green’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Grab Your Bonus Package >[/thrive_link]   WP Theme Ultima Features Grab These […]

DJI Phantom 3 Drone Review and GoPro Karma is in Trouble!

flying the dji drone

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video] Wow what a crazy week! I got a DJI drone and then you have Go Pro who announced a recall of every single one of the NEW Karma drones. Be sure to watch the videos to get the full scoop. DJI Phantom 3 Drone – In this […]

Your Email Marketing Questions Answered!

email marketing - getresponse

I have to admit that email marketing can sound terribly boring but the truth is that it just plain works. Most people are consumed with the latest shiny object syndrome when it comes to online business but email has worked for decades and it will continue to work. In this post, I want to talk […]

How to Get Started Online


A lot of you guys are a lot more advanced, but today I wanted to take the time and speak to all you beginners out there. If you’re wanting to do an online business, but you’re confused on where to start, what to do, how to do it, I’m going to simplify it all for […]

Commission Cartel Review & Bonus


[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’0′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]   Check out my full review of Commission Cartel from Michael Cheney. In this video, I show you behind the scenes of the members area and what I really think of this new product.                      

WP Engine Review 2020

wp engine review

Check your website speed Get WP Engine WP Engine Review Transcript You can download WordPress on your web host and get a website online in minutes but the problem is web hosting. There are a million different web hosts and there’s no way for you to really tell the difference between all of them. […]