GoPro Hero 4 Black Review with my Camaro SS Footage

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GoPro Hero 4 Black Review with Footage from my Camaro SS


So I bought a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition to test it out for my YouTube videos. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. It shoots clean, crisp and professional looking video. I also like how I can fix it onto my Camaro SS and record 4K videos. Here is my official GoPro Hero 4 Black Review and the equipment I used in the video.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

Sandisk 64 GB Memory Card

Go Pro Suction Car Mount

Go Pro Tripod

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About this video:
In this video Preston Miller from talks about his new Go Pro Hero 4 Black and the latest filming he has done with the camera.

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Go Pro Hero 4 Black Review Video Transcript

What's up everybody? You've probably heard me talking a lot about video lately. I actually just got this really cool GoPro Hero4 Black.

I got this bad boy with the actual GoPro mount where I can stick it on the side of my Camaro and actually record while I'm driving on the side. I actually put it on the front, shot a few videos with it. I'm really happy with the results.

How is the quality of this thing, and why did I get this model? I got this one because it does 4K. Okay? Some of the other GoPros, they only do 1080. I wanted to check out the quality of the 4K video. I've actually been very impressed with it. It looks clean, crisp and very professional.

I got some really cool footage on my Camaro. Here's a few clips.

Now, I really like this GoPro, and I like that footage. I like how it looks, but I also like the idea of using that GoPro footage on another tripod. Here's one that I'm talking about and thinking about grabbing. You can grab that, put the GoPro on top of it and have another angle that I can cut back and forth between.

Right now, I'm just kind of using my DSLR, but it's another thing to keep in mind since I'm a video creator. I'll probably be shooting some more videos with the GoPro, but right now, I've just been playing around with it, trying to learn more about it. How to get the best shots …

Thanks so much for watching. I'll see you next time.

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