Secret Tools of 3rd Party Sellers on Amazon in 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, you are not going to believe this, but there are tools that are used by Amazon sellers that nobody knows about. In this video, I'm going to show you the five seller tools that you need to know about if you're an Amazon seller.

Amazon Tool #1: Helium 10

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Here we go. Tool number one is Helium 10. Now, why should you care about Helium 10? It's a great tool. Check this out. I'm going to put this up on the screen right now. Helium 10 will give you an optimization score of your listing. It'll scan your whole listing. It'll tell you what's missing. What's missing in the title. If it's not optimized, it'll tell you what you're missing, and in the images, it'll tell you if you're not the right pixel dimensions. If you're missing photos. It'll also scan the rest of your listing. Tell you if you've got problems with your bullet points, your description, your EBC, and on and on. So get Helium 10's extension. It's really easy. It works on Chrome, and then when you're browsing Amazon, you can automatically see what your optimization score is. So that's number one.

Amazon Tool #2: Manage By Stats


Number two, ManageByStats. Now, why in the world would you want a tool like this? Well, ManageByStats is great because every time an order happens on Amazon through your seller account, the data is stored inside of Amazon. What ManageByStats does is it goes in through the API. It pulls in that customer data to your database. Now, you want to abide by Amazon's terms of service with this one because there's certain things you can and cannot do with the data. Now, having said that, Amazon will delete your data after a certain amount of time, and they put in all these restrictions on contacting the customer. Since remember, it's Amazon's customer and not your customer even though they bought your product.

Amazon Tool #3: Feedback Five

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So that brings me to tool number three, FeedbackFive. Now, this is one of my favorite tools because you are allowed to contact the customer via Amazon messages. Now, Amazon doesn't make this very easy. That's why you need FeedbackFive. FeedbackFive is a tool you plug into your Amazon account, and what it does is you can setup a template to contact your customers a week after they've ordered or even after they have received their product, so it'll track the shipping number. They've received the product. It'll wait five to seven days. Say seven days, seven days later your customer gets an email about their order, because that's the only way you're allowed to contact them, asking if there's any issues and if they like it, to please leave you a review. There you go.

Amazon Tool #4: Sellics


Number four is going to be Sellics. Now, Sellics is one of those tools that it's starting to get a little bit bloated, but it does everything. So you want to analyze your listings. You want to make sure that you're optimized. Do you want to see your feedback score? This is a great app. What I really like about it is it makes it easy to see exactly when and where feedback comes in. Feedback, being negative feedback specifically. Because if you're managing the feedback and you get the one star review, you need to know what product it was on, so that you can quickly respond and fix the issue for the customer, or refund them, or whatever you need to do.

Amazon Tool #5: AMZ Refund

amz refund

Number five is going to be AMZRefund. Now, this one's very interesting because in certain cases Amazon might be overcharging you. Amazon's doing a lot of different things. They're not specifically watching your inventory and manually calculating it. So what this tool does is it goes in and scans all of your listings, goes into the calculator on Amazon for the storage fees and for all the other fees, and makes sure that you're getting charged the proper amount. And guess what? In some cases, you might be getting way overcharged. So what they do is they'll actually go in, figure out what the amount should be, figure out what you were charged, and then help you get a refund from Amazon.

BONUS Amazon Tool #6: Tax Jar

So those are the five tools you need to be using on Amazon. And wait, I've got a bonus tool for you. Number six is TaxJar. Now, I'm not an accountant, and I don't play one on TV. However, interstate tax laws in America have gotten super complicated. You do collect in some states. You don't collect in other states. Amazon collects in some states. It's all over the place. There's no possible way that you could keep up with it. So what do you do? You install TaxJar. TaxJar will simplify the whole operation for you and will automatically collect and help you remit the sales tax in certain states that you're supposed to be charging sales tax. Now again, like I said, I'm not a tax professional. Consult your tax attorney or CPA and figure out if and where you need to be collecting sales tax.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. I've just shown you the five super secret tools used by Amazon sellers. So go ahead and download these tools. Start using them on your account. Leave a comment below and let me know what happened. If you like this video, go ahead and like, comment, and subscribe.

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