5 Shopify Product Page Optimizations for 2020

5 eCommerce Product Page Optimization Tips 1

I'm going to give you 5 Product Page optimizations, to help you obliteration the competition. These are tips I learned over the years helping clients do millions of dollars in sales.

Product Page Tip #1: 5 Excellent Product Photos

ecommerce product photo optimization

Make sure you have at least five excellent product photos. Check out how Bose does a great job of this on their website for the QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headompnes II. There are people that can help you take excellent product photos. You want to have at least five, seven is preferred, that showcase your products so users know exactly what they're buying. This will help with your conversion rates. Product videos are also great at showing the product to potential buyers if the product is more expensive or the product benefit needs to be shown to potential buyers.

Product Page Tip #2: Optimized Product Titles

optimized ecommerce product title

Make sure that you have an optimized product title. Use Neil Patel's free tool Ubersuggest to find relevant keywords for your product. Don't just say the standard name of your product, make sure that you have optimized keywords in the title. In the case of Bose as an example, it's pretty simple but be sure to maximize your title characters. For Search Engine Optimization, the max amount of characters in a title tag is 60 characters so be sure to stay under that.

Product Page Tip #3: Compelling Product Descriptions

ecommerce product description

This is one of the most overlooked areas of product page optimization, is writing an excellent product description, that is also optimized based on whatever it is that you're selling. Most people overlook this, don't overlook it. Spend the time and create those product descriptions, that really give users a reason to buy. Explain what your product does, and what pain point it solves.

Product Page Tip #4: Show Actual Customer Reviews (Even the Bad Ones)

product page reviews

Showing product reviews. Now, if you don't have product reviews, you can pull those in from some other marketplace where you're selling your product. But you should have reviews of your product on your website. If you don't know how to do this, please message me and I'll show you how to do this, where you can automate the customer review process. It's very simple, and it helps show what your customers really think about your product.

Product Page Tip #5:

ecommerce product description 1

Whenever somebody is on a product page, showcase the bundles that users buy together with that product. Think about it. If they're interested in that product, they'll probably be interested in the complementary products. So go ahead and showcase that on the page.

Well, that's it. I just gave you five tips for your Shopify product page, that you can use to help increase the sales of your current Shopify website. Thank you so much for watching. Please leave a comment down below, and I'll see you next time!