What Is A Squeeze Page ?

A squeeze page is a webpage dedicated to one goal – capturing the visitor's information with some sort of email marketing service. Usually this is just the user's email but it could be their name, email, phone number, address, and country. It just depends on the type of offer on the squeeze page. The basic purpose of a squeeze page is to get the visitor's info to give them some free information and then follow up with them in the future.

Coming Up With An Squeeze Page Offer


(A Squeeze Page on Preston's Corner ) See it live here

In order to have a squeeze page you have to have an offer to giveaway! On my blog I giveaway my ebook where I show you how I made over 50K online. It makes since because my blog is about how to make money online so the offer works. If you are running an exercise blog then you could giveaway an ebook on the 20 essential exercises on your squeeze page. It doesn't have to be an ebook either – You could giveaway a set of videos on a topic. Video series are popular because you know your subscriber will keep opening your emails to see your next video.

How to Setup A Squeeze Page

squeeze page

(An example squeeze page from Landing Page Monkey with a video background)

There are many different tools that one can use to build a squeeze page on a website or blog that you already own. For instance one could use Instabuilder, Optimizepress, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, or a million other options to integrate with a current website. Recently I had heard about marketers who were building email lists without a website. I was instantly intrigued how they were driving traffic to squeeze pages without a website. It turns out that you can pay a one time fee and have your squeeze pages hosted online by a company called LandingPageMonkey. It lets you host squeeze pages on their servers and you can even have video backgrounds (see example).

Driving Traffic To Your Squeeze Page


So you came up with a kick ass offer and setup that killer squeeze page but you have one HUGE problem. Nobody is visiting your page because they don't know that it exists! You have to promote your page in order for it to be successful. If you have a current audience then you can tell them about your offer and send them to your squeeze page. If you don't have an audience then you have to find people who are interested in your offer. This sounds easy but it takes some creativity to find good ways to promote your offers. The basic ways to promote your squeeze page would be through advertising, blogging, social media, and youtube. Also remember you can tell your friends and family about your offer because they might be very interested in it. Most people forget to do real life marketing for their online business. Online marketing is great but offline marketing is great too because people love hearing about a product from their friends and family.

In Closing

Squeeze pages are a great way to build an email list and build an audience. I have showed you the tools you need to build an awesome squeeze page for your business. I have also showed you how to host your squeeze pages without a website or web hosting with LandingPageMonkey. Now you can create your own squeeze pages and start building your list.

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