5 Video SEO Tips for Improved Rankings on Youtube 2020

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As you probably know by now, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so having a good rank on this channel is a must for your online business. If you are asking yourself how you can achieve this easier, let me tell you that it is not a matter of luck or coming up with stunning ideas.

It is a process of video SEO which enables you to have more visibility and visitors. It covers a bunch of methods, but, in this post, we will just focus on the five most effective and widely used ways to improve your YouTube ranking.

Tip #1: Choose the title wisely

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If you want to improve your video, this is the first SEO step you have to take. Every message you send to your audience, be it an article or a video, has to get your public's attention through its title which has to be both catchy and suggestive. There are several video SEO aspects that you must take into account when choosing a proper title:

    • Keep it short enough (no more than 70 characters).
    • Include the core keywords.
    • Grasp the very essence of your message. People have to understand what your video is about before actually viewing it.

Tip #2: Focus on good quality

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This is not an advice. It's a must for every SEO video. If you really want to get people's attention and rank better on YouTube, you definitely need to post a quality video. Otherwise, people will simply avoid checking it out even if the content might be really good.

Focus on sound and image quality because it will increase your chances of keeping your public engaged for a longer time and making them share your post.


Tip #3: Thumbnails are an important aspect of video SEO

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Another requirement for a truly great SEO video is using the right thumbnails.

Thumbnails are basically means of advertising the video. They have to be attractive in order to get more attention and relevant enough to support the content.

To get a real SEO video, take into consideration these aspects when choosing thumbnails:

      • Always use high resolution images.
      • Check them on different devices to see how they look.
      • Use thumbnails which contain contrast elements. The background has to be quite different from the front to draw attention quickly.

Tip #4: Mind the keywords

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In order to have a fully optimized video that will rank better on YouTube, you have to enter certain keywords that will trigger SEO results.

Your video will have a short description that aims to tell the audience what its content is about and this is where the keywords have to be included.

Research keywords to see which terms are more popular in order to rank better. You might also include keywords in your video's transcript.

Tip #5: Add a CTA to your video

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The last video SEO tip I am about to share is an important step in optimizing written content as well.

Add calls to action to make your audience engage faster. Make it clear that you expect them to react to your video.

YouTube allows you to include such CTAs by adding a clickable button which invites people to share, subscribe or like your content. Nevertheless, don't rely solely on this for your CTA. Try to also clearly state what your expectations are regarding your audience towards the end of your video.

I hope that now you feel more confident and ready to craft a good SEO video using the tips I mentioned earlier.

If there are any other topics related to video SEO that interest you or if you have any question on how you could earn money online, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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