How to Write Better Blog Posts

Better Blog Articles

1. How to write better blog posts in 3 steps

Everyone these days thinks they are a blogger, thanks to social media networks, therefore for you to create an impact you need to strategize, come up with something different, and more engaging content. This article takes you three steps that you need to follow to be a better blogger.

I.         Do thorough research: Once you have found out the topic which you are to write about do a comprehensive research to help you in coming up with the relevant title, right content and credible information. This is the only way that you will drive traffic to your blog. When you have a catchy title, keyword  optimized  and relevant content, search engines will make it easier for you to be found, readers will appreciate your content and you will get more coming to read your future posts. Doing it any other way will only lead to poor results.

II.         After carrying out a thorough research get down to writing, start with introducing your subject, make it as easy and interesting as possible. An introduction which is not leading someone to the solution they are looking for will only lead to blog being discarded even before someone start reading it. Write it as an expert and people will quote you as an authority, make a worthy conclusion and call for action too.

III.        Edit your blog to ensure that it fits the number of words which are required and at the same time proof read to get rid of any errors. Spelling mistakes and punctuation errors make your blog look sloppy. People will think you are unprofessional and not want to engage in what your are doing as you can't even write a error free blog post. Remember to write the blog post then read it out loud to yourself and you will catch your mistakes. When you think you have caught them all then you need to do it again and again until it is perfect.

With these three steps, you will not only get people reading your blog but also coming back for more.



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