WP Forms Review: The Ultimate WordPress Form Plugin 2020

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Hey everybody, what’s going on? It’s Preston here from PrestonsCorner.com, and today I want to review this new WordPress plugin that helps you do simple forms. It’s called WP Forms. Let’s go ahead and jump on over to the computer here, and I will show you how it all works.

WpForms Review


Okay, so I’m here in my WordPress dashboard for PrestonsCorner.com. Now, I want to add a form to my contact page here. So I’ve got WP Forms. This is the website for WP Forms. It’s a really cool contact form builder, but it also has some other goodies that I want to show you guys. So as far as pricing, I know you want to know that: I’m on the Pro plan here. So I’m going to go ahead and go back into my WordPress dashboard and show you guys.

Wp Forms Dashboard

So if you want to follow along with me, you could go ahead and click this link to get started with the Pro plan. I would recommend the Pro plan if you have multiple websites because you can do unlimited sites. If you just have a single site, you can probably just get away with this Basic one right here. But if you have more than one site, I’d recommend go ahead and getting Pro because just three, you might have more than three sites, and this one’s unlimited and you can just use it wherever. And you get priority support.


So let’s go ahead and jump back to my site here. I’ve installed the plugin WP Forms. I just went to Plugins > Add New, uploaded the file, and then put in my activation key. It’s really simple; that’s all you’ve got to do. So then I go to all forms here, I click “Add New,” and then I get to pick what I want on the actual form here. So I’ll show you guys here. It’s loading up. Okay, awesome. So I’ve got different options of forms that I can choose here.


Really what I want to do is I just need a Simple Contact Form. Now, notice how you can do other different contact forms, and we’ll talk about those in a second. But before I jump right in here and do this contact form, check this out. You can even take payments with this thing. You can take PayPal payments. Well, I guess I have to set these up first. But basically we want a Simple Contact Form. Let’s go ahead and jump in here and I’ll show you. I just selected this. It’s loading it up here.


Okay, so in order for somebody to contact me and me to contact them back, these are the basic form fields I’m going to need them to fill out. Their name – I need to know who they are – their email – I need to know that so I can email them back – and their comment or message, the reason why they’re contacting me.


Now, on the name, I don’t actually need their first and last name. I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to get all this info from them, so I’ll just put “First Name” on this and modify this field. Okay, that’s perfect. Oops, let me go back to Fields here. Okay, and then their email, and I’m going to select that and enter something like “Enter Your Email.” And I’m also going to do the same thing for first name. “Enter Your First Name.” So then their comment or message and the “Submit” button.


Now, that is the basic form here. I can also change some of the settings in here, but I don’t want to modify anything like that. Let’s go ahead and save. So let me go ahead and click this “Embed” box right here. Now look, this is my code, my shortcode that I want to put on the page. So I would go back to my contact page here. This is how the page looks right now, and I’m going to put that form right here. So I would just go to Edit Page, and I’m already in the page right here. So right underneath, if you need to contact us, I’m going to copy and paste that shortcode. And then I’m going to save the site – then I’m going to save the page, I’m sorry.


Okay, so I just put that shortcode on the page, and now I’m refreshing the page here. And look at that. Ba-da-bing, I’ve got “Enter Your Name,” “Enter Your Email,” and “Comment or Message.” So let me go ahead and test this out. Comment or message, I’ll just put “Hey.” Let me go ahead and click “Submit.” Okay, so then once it’s completed, I get this message “Thanks for contacting us! We’ll be in touch shortly.” And then if I go over here – oh, sorry about that – if I open my Outlook, hey, there’s my email. “Hey.” It’s from Preston. There’s the email, and there’s the comment or message. So I can then reply to that email.

WpForms Contact Form

So there you have it. I just embedded a form on my website with WP Forms. It’s pretty basic, I know, but it’s quick and easy to use for beginners and WordPress experts alike. I just jumped on there without too much training and figured out how to do it. Now, for those of you who are thinking about using it, it’s pretty great compared to some of the alternatives, like Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7. It’s quick, easy, and it looks professional. The forms really do look great.


So if you’re running a WordPress website and you need contact forms, or you want some more advanced functionality in your forms, like email marketing integration with MailChimp, AWeber, if you want to take payments in your forms with either Stripe or PayPal, or you want to do conditional logic, then WP Forms is for you. Just click the link in the description below to check it out.


And as always, thanks for watching. I’m Preston Miller from PrestonsCorner.com.


Over to you – what do you think about WP Forms?

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