The Best Wordpress Popup Plugin 2020

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WordPress Popup Plugin Transcript

Hey, everybody. What's going on? It's Preston Miller here from and I'm an online marketing. Today I want to talk about a very important subject. A lot of you guys have been asking me, “How do I do popups in WordPress?” Let's jump on over here to the computer and I'll show you guys. I just got this popup going on my website where it'll show up after about fifteen seconds and it'll also show up if somebody tries to exit the page. Now, I know what you're thinking. You hate popups as much as everybody else, but the truth is there's been a million studies and that popups just work. Now, look, it'll either show up after fifteen seconds of them on the page or if they go up to x out it'll show up. I'm promoting one of my really cool why papers. If you haven't downloaded it you should check it out. It's thirty-eight of the best online marketing tools. This is actually done … You'll see there's no branding of anything. This is actually done with Thrive Themes. It's not done with Thrive Leads inside of Thrive Themes. I should tell you that.


Basically if they click, “Yes, I want this download,” it'll then popup this part of the form which is actually stage change. But anyway, once they input this they'll be taken to the actually asset page. I'm going to show you guys how to do this inside of … My website's actually done with Thrive Themes and this is Thrive Leads inside of Thrive Themes. Now, if you're not familiar with Thrive you've got to check it out. It's awesome. Shane and the crew over at Thrive really outdone themselves. This is kind of the back end of Thrive Themes now. All I've done is I've got Thrive Themes, Thrive Leads. If you go down here on your dashboard, you go down to Thrive Leads. You'll be taken here. All you really need to do is setup a new lead group. I've got this one setup right here and I'm just using the lightbox on this one. I've just set it up and cleared the data so there's not anything confusing here. Then you would go into here to edit. You would actually set this up so … The setting's I've got going right now are display after fifteen seconds or exit in ten before that. This is actually cool. It's called Smart exit intent. If it looks like somebody is going to exit the page it'll go ahead and force the popup up, which is what I just showed you. I've got it set to all the time right now but I'm going to probably change that to five to seven days after this demo just so I could show you guys how everything works. You can also control how the actual popup comes in. You can have it zoom out, you can have it zoom in. You have all these different options. You can have it flip in, watch this. You can really do whatever you want it to do. You can have it bounce in. Let's look at that. You can have it come in however you want which really catches the visitors attention. Check this out, this is one of the templates that I've used and I've put in my own white paper on here. But all you have to do to set this up … It's super easy to set one of these up. All you do is you come in here and you'll notice right off the bat this is the pop up that you see.


You'll also notice that I've got a state change here. If they click this button, “Yes, I want this free download,” then it'll actually change states to the first state here. Now, this is one of the reasons I really love Thrive Leads compared to some of the other options on the market. I won't name any names but all that to say Thrive is the best option. There's no comparison. If you go in here I'll show you the different options. You've got the basic opt-in templates that just, you know … They're pretty basic. It just shows the white paper, the form here. Let me say what I've got here. I'm saving this one I already have as a template so that way if I want to go back I could just revert it and it's got all my settings saves. It's actually feeding into and email list for that with an auto responder and everything so this is really cool. If you just wanted a basic white paper with a couple form fills on it you can do this, let this load up here. All you would do is you would select this and you would change the image to your actual e-book, change the messaging here and actually integrate this with whatever auto responder, email marketing service that you're using. It's super simple. All you do is hit, “Connect with service,” and you can either put in your html code or you could connect the API to Thrive Leads where it'll actually talk to it. This works with all the major auto-responders. They've got a huge list of companies they actually integrate with. Just off the top of my head you're talking about Gear Response, which is what I use, you've got Active Campaign, you've got A-WEB, or you've got [inaudible 00:04:33]. Integrates with all the big boys. Whatever you you need to do you can do it very easily. All though do is you go on here, you hit connect with service, you create a new connection. I've got Get Response hooked up with the API that you can also put in the html form code if they don't integrate and just copy paste the code in there. Then you can dial in the forms and I'll show you that here in a second. Let's go ahead and save this and I'll show you the preview. Yeah, this is how it would look when it pops up. You don't want to put in some stuff there. More importantly, what is really cool about Thrive is you've got these, check this out, the multi-step templates. I know what you're thinking; “Why would I want to do these?” There's been a lot of case studies about the multi-step templates.


Just from what I've seen, I can't speak for everybody, but they seem to do better because you don't just show the offer immediately. It's like, “Hey, subscribe,” in people's face. It's more slick. It's trickier. It's just better. They'll give you more time of day. Let's look at this one, this one is really cool. I like this. I notice the team over at Thrive is using this if you go to their blog. You've got actually three different states in one. If you're running a website and you've got multiple assets you could use this template. You could have three different offers here like, “Hey, how can I help you out? Download one of our guides.” You've got this one, they have to hit download now on the Uncluttering 101. It would take them to state one where they could sign up for the Uncluttering 101 paper. Then if they like this one, the morning kick start, if they hit the download now button it would take them to state two and they would be able to do that and same thing for state three. Basically with one popup you hit them with three different things because you don't actually know too much about the visitor so you hit them with the three things. Chances are they'll like one of them. I really like that as a strategy but that is how you do popups in Thrive Leads. Now, one last thing I wanted to go over before I end this video here is once you get all this going here. You set the display frequency, the animation, and the trigger.


You can also run a split test. You can clone this form, you can change button colors, you can change head line text and it will actually run them against each other and you can set it where you pick the winner or it'll automatically pick the winner and kill the other one. What you want to do here is you want to make sure that this is turned on. I am just doing a lightbox. That's basically just the popup. You can also do some other cool stuff. I won't get into that in this video. The last thing you need to know is you've got to go over here to the display setting and you've got to set this up [inaudible 00:07:13]. But you can set this up to a specific page on your website, you can set it to show up all across your website. As I begin to get more advanced in my marketing, and you'll get there soon too, what you want to do is you want to have offers segmented based on what pages people are going to on your websites. For me, since I do online marketing, I can have a video guide and if anybody hits a post with video I can have the popup related to video. I would just dial in the settings right here for the display setting of that to category of video. All the video posts and set it and that would actually happen. Then if somebody … Maybe I want to do another one for a blogging guide.


I can set that to all the posts that are gears around blogging just that I've tagged with blogging or categorized as blogging and it would show up on those posts. As you get more into this and as you start doing popups on your website you want to really make sure that the popups make sense and if the popups are relevant to people. I'm guess, I'm running this one right now, that if somebody visits my website that they're probably into online marketing and need to know the tools. If you visit my site, check that out. Thrive Leads is, without a doubt, the best way to do popups. In WordPress it integrates, it works fantastically, and it's just a great experience for the visitor. You can tie it into you auto-responder and go ahead and followup with them like that. That's all I've got for you guys today. That's how you do popups in WordPress. There's some other options but all you need to know is Thrive is the best option on the market today. Thanks, guys. Please subscribe to this video if you like this so I can make more videos just like this. Thanks and have a good one.



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