Top 10 People to Follow In Internet Marketing


There are many famous people in the world of Internet Marketing but in this post I want to talk about the 10 internet marketers that you need to follow to stay up with the latest trends. You should follow these specific marketers because each one has certain skills that we can learn from and improve your own skills. These guys are the experts in their specific niche's and you should soak up their knowledge like a sponge. They have each spent years honing their craft and you can learn valuable information from each one of these guys that you can apply to your own business.

Person #1: Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income


Pat Flynn’s is famous for posting his online income every month on his blog Smart Passive Income but most people don't know that he is happily married with two kids. The Southern California dad and husband was a former Job Captain in an Architectural firm. He loved his 9 to 5 job but with the economic recession of 2008, the company made cuts and he had to be let go. He says that he had already quit the job in his mind since he could only think about what he was going to do online during work hours. He tried other online ventures and he viewed these to be his first moment of success. Pat’s initial claim to fame does not have anything to do with Smart Passive Income in fact it was a website about the LEED exam which is a certification for architects. He had posted his notes and study material on a blog to keep track of everything he needed to know for the exam. One day he installed a website analytic plugin to the site and was shocked to see that thousands of people were visiting the site! He decided to then package the material into study guides and sell it as an multiple e-books. Sales took off and the rest is history! Now Pat blogs about his various websites and income sources on Smart Passive Income. The blog is an online wealth creation blog that teaches people how to make money online. Pat’s Best skills are online entrepreneurship which involves coming up with online money making ideas, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses.

Person #2: Peng Joon – Marketing Expert

peng joon internet marketing expert

I first found Peng Joon's blog from a Google search about solo ads and I was shocked to learn that he once spent $29,000 on solo ads and built a list of 19,000 subscribers in just 8 days with $16,000 in front end product sales. (link to blog post here) I was instantly hooked to hear how this guy Peng did it and how he was going to make all of his money back but Peng wasn't always a success. Peng was once heavily indebted while staying in London after school. While in college, he spent most of his time partying, playing computer games, and drinking alcohol but somehow managed to pass his exams. He was forced to pay back his government scholarship following his dismal academic performance. At his current income rate it would take him 25 years to payoff his debt. He knew he needed to increase his income to survive. He jumped on Clickbank and started selling the only thing he knew at the time which was computer gaming guides. Not long thereafter APEX/Premier team recognized him for three years in a row with a top vendor award. He has since exploited his skills as an internet marker to come up with over 500 websites that sell various products.

Person #3: Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker


Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker was born in Moline Illinois in 1974 and he always had a passion for computers. Jeremy knew he wanted to make money online and while working at sears selling appliances he found out how to sell online. An opportunity at an Internet Service provider company opened up and he got the job and it paid him a dollar more an hour than his job at Sears. His claim to fame was his blog that he still runs today. Jeremy took advantage of his strong marketing skills to establish the blog that shares his experience in the online business.

Person #4: Brian Clark – Copy Blogger


Brian Clark formed Copy Blogger and is also the editor in chief of the Entreproducer which is a podcast and newsletter. Brian Clark is a serial entrepreneur from Boulder, Colorado. Brian has been a publisher since 1998. His skills in Publishing and marketing have pushed him to create a successful content company online. His claim to fame was in the establishment of Copy Blogger which is all about content marketing . The one-man blog called Copy Blogger was formed back in 2006. He is credited to have built three successful businesses online. His businesses take advantage of the social media space to market products online and make money.

Person #5: Zac Johnson – Internet Marketing Expert


Zac Johnson was always fascinated with things. That is how he ended up being into internet marketing. When he was young, he would always ask his father intriguing questions especially on advertisement. Other than being intrigued, he had an entrepreneurial mind early. He would sell marvel cards and soda while still in school. Then the internet came and gave him the opportunity to explore his skills and potential. His claim to fame came when he was accepted at PostMasterDirect after several attempts. He utilized his best skills, which are marketing and networking to become a winning marketer. He now runs a number of affiliate programs across several sites such as Commission Junction, WebSponsors, ShareaSale, DirectLeads, and FineClicks. I found about Zac through his podcast called Rise of the Entrepreneur. In the show Zac interviews a different entrepreneur on each show and asks them how they became successful.

Person #6: Jeff Bullas – Social Media Expert


Jeff Bullas best skills are blogging, writing, speaking, and strategist. He has used his skills to come up with a blog that has positioned him among the who is who in the internet marketing business. His blog is about social media marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing. He started blogging five years ago when he just closed his business and started a new life. He got his inspiration from other blogs that talked about how to blog. He inculcated his blog with social media and realized significant results. His moment of fame came when his blog became popular.

Person #7: Neil Patel – SEO & Analytics Expert


Neil Patel was born in 1985 in London England and was an entrepreneur from a very early age. When his family moved to the United States of America he started thinking of ways  he would change his life for the better. He started selling illegally burned CDs for profit. Neil knew that the business was illegal, so he decided to get a permit and do it in the right way. He did not make as much money as he anticipated so he got a job at only 15 years to increase his income. While looking for another job, he discovered and he learned their business model. That is when he found out about internet marketing. However, his claim to fame was when he established Crazy Egg that became popular but now he also runs the famous blogs Quicksprout and Neil Neil Patel best skills are search engine optimization, use of analytics, blogging engagement, and entrepreneurship.

Person #8: Jeff Walker – Product Launch Expert


Jeff Walker started his first online business when he was still a stay at home dad. He did not enjoy the cutthroat corporate world so he was taking care of their two children while his wife worked. In 1996 when the internet was not popular he was playing around online trying to make money since his budget was tight. Jeff Walker started with a website offering stock market advice. He began sending email newsletters to only 19 people about investing advice. It seems laughable now because Jeff has hundreds of thousands of people on his email list today but this business acted as a learning lesson that catapulted Jeff to a formula that would guarantee success online. He started doing launches and selling various products through his emails. His claim to fame came when he launched the Product Launch Formula which has helped entrepreneurs sell over 400 Million of their products and services (check it out here). Jeff Walker's best skills are marketing, speaking,  networking, and entrepreneurship.

Person #9: Chris Ducker – Virtual CEO


Chris Ducker is known for being a virtual CEO. In his latest book “Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business” he emphasizes how to work from anywhere in the world while running a company through virtual employees. In order to help others work from anywhere he founded Virtual Staff Finder which helps companies find qualified workers for tasks. He is a serial entrepreneur and runs his companies from the residence in the Philippines.

Person #10: Michael Stelzner – Social Media Engagement Expert


Michael Stelzner is a serial entrepreneur and author. He is the author of the book launch: How to quickly propel your business beyond the completion published by Wiley. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has been quoted by a number of magazines including the Entrepreneur and the Huffing post. Michael Stelzner claim to fame is through his website Social Media Examiner. He started the white paper source, which helped business to create and market their white papers. Through the business, he managed to get 25,000 subscriptions. His best skills which have driven him to higher heights are publishing skills and marketing skills.

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