Thrive Leads Review

Do your prospects now come to your website? Wow, that’s great! But there is just one huge problem, once they get there, “POOF”, they suddenly just disappear. In fact, they never even stay long enough to read your content. AND THAT’s really BAD! In the industry, This type of traffic is known as the people who bounce. They come in, do nothing then leave. Google Analytics keeps track of this category of visitor by calling it your “Bounce Rate.” And when you have a “high bounce rate” well, something is wrong and you need to do something about it.

Generally speaking, you need to:

  • Improve your content
  • Improve your website aesthetics
  • Create great opt-in forms that let you capture your audiences email so you can conduct outreach campaigns.In this article we want to help you with this last point. We want to show you how important a good opt-in form is and why you need a good plugin to help you create opt-ins that convert.

What Is an Opt-in Form?

An opt-in form is a consent that a web user gives, when he acknowledges an interest in your information, topic or product. He authorizes you to contact him with additional information, content, tips points of interest and more. It is email communication you are authorized so you can conduct outreach campaigns to this audience segment on your website. You can present these forms to your audience in a variety of ways, but unless you find the appropriate plugin you may need to learn to code to make opt-in forms that make visitors customers.So when your heart is in the right place and you are trying to add valuable content and make some outstanding offers — but you just seem to be missing the mark, the answer might be in using an opt-in form that converts better than the standard opt-in forms most website owners use.

What’s the Secret to Getting More Sales?

The secret to getting great conversions is building trust. Studies show that on average, it takes a person 7 to 10 interactions with you, your website, and your social media platforms before he/she becomes a customer. This means it is crucial that you capture email addresses so that you can create that interaction, build that trust and attract those customers. That’s the Problem – How Do I Capture My Readers EmailOk you know by now that you have to get your readers to subscribe, that’s how you can perform outreach campaigns. You have to build an email list of potential customers. But those registration forms on WordPress just don’t seem to interest anyone. You’ve got the opt-in form on there, but either no one is seeing it or they just are not interested in it.

You Are Right! It’s Hard but It Doesn’t Have to Be that Hard

The world of list building has not always been easy and often it does not even make sense. Hey! You are a prime example. How many times do you go to a site and just click off the popup opt in form? It’s not attractive. It takes too long to fill out. It sounds boring, and the list of excuses to avoid it goes on.

Hold on! We all know that there are website owners out there that are making a killing. Check out the morning shows, they are always featuring some new Internet marketing guy (even a few who have really bad products.) And the deal is; these guys are converting left and right. People are signing up! So what are they doing differently that you aren’t?

Here’s The Secret!

Sometimes it is tiny, almost insignificant changes that you make to an opt-in form that can revitalize the email capturing process. Often it is just a simple fix (making your optin work better) that makes all the difference in the world and gets you more business.“Oh no! Opt-ins are not simple at all. It takes a lot of design work, and coding knowledge” We know, that’s what you’re thinking right now, isn’t it?

You Are Wrong!

Opt-ins can be extremely simple when you choose the right WordPress opt-in plugin. And that is where Thrive Leads hits the mark.

What Makes Thrive Leads Special?Building up your email list makes perfect business sense but you gotta have a good tool to help you. Let’s take a look at the Thrive Leads WordPress plugin so you can see how this is the type of tool that can build your email list efficiently. And best of all, there is no huge learning curve.

Thrive Leads Review

Every WordPress user out there has struggled with creating lead capturing opt-in forms, and because there was such a large need for a simple and effective solution, the makers of Thrive Themes designed this great opt-in plugin that allows WordPress users to easily create effective and attractive email opt-in forms that really do interest readers.

Easy to Install and UseFinally, a Plugin designed to help you create attractive and engaging opt-in forms that capture the attention of readers. But that’s not all this Plugin does, it also points out specific spots on your website where these opt-in forms might work best, and it is this, the templates and the comprehensive testing features, that make this Plugin stand out from others.

We Love TemplatesTemplates are what make WordPress easy, for both the novice and the experienced coder. It’s fast, easy and targets the problem. The Thrive Leads plugin has all of this and more. Just select the right template and replace the information with your own. It’s that simple.

Add Opt-in Forms to Different Locations

One of the most outstanding features of Thrive Leads is that it allows you to customize templates and place them in different locations (not just a popup or widget form). To give you this flexibility of placement Thrive has added s 5 different types of opt-in forms which include:• Ribbons• After post• Slide-ins• Widgets• Popovers

For instance, you create an opt-in form using a template, and then you can customize it to one or more of these types. So you get more than one opt-in form that can go in the different website areas you need. In other words, Thrive offers the typical widget form, but it also creates the other form types automatically after you customize the display settings. Add as many opt/in forms as you want, choose from several display settings so you can display the opt/in on the home page, posts, in a tag, a category or on a specific page or post.

Thrive gives you the ability to create relevant opt-in forms that don’t bother visitors but make it easy to see and find. Take a giant step in you conversions by using these opt-ins to offer something super important and relevant to your readers.Thrive Even Makes ShortcodesYou can setup opt-in forms that you’ll place using shortcodes. You can use these shortcodes within widgets if you want, but they may better serve you when you use them as in-content opt-in forms, which offer another fantastic alternative to get more email subscribers!

A Successful 2 Step Opt-in

Thrive also has a successful two step opt-in process. You’ve seen these opt-in forms. It is where you click a button or link to get some type of content you want and a popover opt-in appears. In the industry, the experts suggest that this type of opt-in works very well because once a reader clicks the button he already has something invested in the process, so he might as well continue to fill out the form. Thrive makes it easy to use this opt-in form method via shortcodes. Just paste the shortcode into the button settings and it’s done.

How Does the Thrive Form Management Work

By now you can tell that making opt-in forms is very easy, but how easy is it to manage the different opt-ins if you have a ton of opt-in forms?

Rest easy! Thrive Leads organizes forms into groups that are easy to manage. You can customize forms with a drag and drop editor and see exactly what your form will look like, and once you name and categorize it, you’ll see it turn up in the category list you selected.

How Difficult Is It Going to Be to Learn All of This?Unlike many of those other apps and programs you buy, (you know the ones that have all those features, and then don’t offer support,) Thrive has helpful VIDEO TUTORIALS that quickly guide you through the Plugin interface and use. BUT even without the tutorials, the interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. There is no long learning curve here. Just a few minutes and you’re set to go.

Easy-to-Use Templates

We all love templates. And that’s what Thrive gives you. There are some great looking templates here but what we like most is that they are grouped into sets. This gives you uniformity in design throughout your website.Split Testing ( A Feature We Love)Thrive’s split testing feature is definitely a tie breaker here. The Thrive team made Thrive Leads specifically to improve conversions, so the plugin offers more than just pretty opt-in forms. No. The big deal here is the SPLIT TESTING feature.This is a major player when it comes to improving your conversions. The plugin allows for easy split tests. You can test two opt-in forms that are similar but tweaked in different ways or two completely different designs.Another distinguishing feature here is the ability to set a trigger for certain opt-in types. For example, you can test a timed popover against one that appears after a certain page or piece of content.

Other Features

We’ve covered the most important features for Thrive Leads, but if you are still undecided on the benefits of this plugin then let's look at some of the other features you will love

  • Page-level targeting – You decide where to place your opt-in form on your site
  • SmartLinks – You can choose to show a special link instead of a popup form
  • Reporting – A feature that lets you see and monitor the performance of your opt-in forms.
  • Support for all email marketing platforms• Displays popup opt-ins just before a reader leaves the website
  • Customize and save templates• Supports additional fields and check boxes

Bottom Line

Most plugins of this type have a high learning curve. You have to take a few hours out of your day to learn how they work, and worse, you have to go search for tutorials on how it works, or you might find easy-to-use opt-in Plugins, but again they are very limited. Thrive Leads is different. It works in the opposite way. It is super easy to use and very intuitive, yet it also offers complete functionality, features that even the Pros use and proven opt-in forms that CONVERT. And, if you do have problems and can’t figure out how a certain feature works, just watch the easy video tutorials. Thrive Leads comes with support.Getting Started is EASY!

Use the split testing and test your different forms against one another. Target your opt-in forms towards relevant readers and increase your conversions.

So, if you are serious about building your email list, generating leads, and increasing your conversions – You’ve gotta get Thrive Leads! This is a Plugin that makes the process so much faster and easier. Just look for Thrive Leads here.

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