The Clickbank Guide To Affiliate Links & Tracking

clickbank guide to affiliate links



This video was created to show you guys how to promote products on Clickbank with your specific affiliate links since I got a question from a reader about this specific issue. (quick shoutout to Nicolò who sent me this great question about Clickbank)


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Clickbank - Digital Marketplace

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Clickbank is kind of like an Amazon of digital products where product vendors can upload their products for sale and affiliates can promote those products for a commission. This all happens with what they call a hoplink and affiliates promote their unique hoplink and if people purchase from them then they get a commission.



Pretty Link Pro - (Affiliate Link Tracker)



If you are using affiliate links on your site then you will love Pretty Link. Here's the basics of how it works in a nutshell - Pretty Link redirects a url from your website to your affiliate link. Your customers are more likely to visit a link that looks like it is to your site versus a weird looking affiliate link. If you have no idea why you should use this software then check out my guide to affiliate links blog post here.


Bit Ly - (URL  Shortener & Link Management)


Bit ly is a free way to shorten and track affiliate links for your different promotion channels. A great way to promote on social media channels, or your website or blog and track how many clicks a certain link has had. It's free and I believe you can upgrade with an account to see more information.


Blog Posts on Related Topics You Might Like

This is not anything blackhat or sketchy here but it's just a way to cloak and hide those ugly affiliate links so that you don't scare people. I am using Pretty Link Pro to do it but this is a great post I did showing you how to fully utilize it.

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If you have a question about anything internet marketing related please shoot me an email here and I could be answering your question  in my next video 🙂

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