100 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money

Side hustles are excellent ways to supplement your income and achieve financial security. But even if you are sure that you want to make money on the side, finding the best side hustles might feel overwhelming at first. Fortunately, the current gig economy means that there are great side hustle jobs available in nearly every niche. The following master list of side hustle ideas is a great place to start your path to financial freedom.

Side Hustle #1: Become a Personal Shopper

Thanks to delivery services like Instacart and Shipt, the role of personal shopper is now mainstream. Customers use website platforms or mobile apps to select groceries for the personal shopper to then pick up and deliver directly to their front doors. By devoting a few hours to shopping groceries for others, you can rack in payments and bonus tips to help support your own household.

Side Hustle #2: Perform Tasks in Your Area

Gone are the days of going through a temp agency to find handyman or labor gigs. Services like TaskRabbit enable you to connect with people looking for specific helpers in your area. Typical tasks range from moving boxes to washing windows or assembling furniture.

Side Hustle #3: Clean Houses

Starting your own cleaning service requires minimal training. List your services on a marketplace like HouseKeeper.com and then roll up your sleeves as your schedule fills with appointments.

Side Hustle #4: Tutor Remotely

If you excel in a particular subject, try using Skype to tutor clients remotely. List your own services through a personal webpage and accept payments through PayPal or use directory services like MeetATutor and Wyzant.

Side Hustle #5: Become a Dog Walker

Spend time with furry friends and get paid for it. If you find it easy to become pals with pooches, try signing up as a dog walker or dog sitter. Directories like Rover or WagWalking.com let you connect with dog parents, choose compatible breeds, and earn up to $70 a day caring for your new pet friend.

Side Hustle #6: Rent Out Your Car

If you are not in a position to rent out your house or room using AirBnB, consider renting out your car instead. Marketplaces like Turo allow you to list your model and even offer up to $1 million in liability coverage in the unlikely event of theft or damage. Similar platforms include apps like GetAround or FluidTruck.

Side Hustle #7: Create a Course to Sell

Quite often, there are individuals willing to pay for skills we might take for granted. Whether your talent is anything from knitting to skateboarding, design a crash course to teach others. These days, online platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, Skillshare, and Teachable mean that you never have meet in person to transfer a valuable skill.

Side Hustle #8: Become a Consultant

People launching new ventures need advice in numerous areas. If you believe you have expertise in any area from marketing to product design, try listing your advising services on reputable marketplaces like Clarity.fm.

Side Hustle #9: Get Cashback for Shopping

If you know that you shop at the same stores consistently, why not get cashback for your purchases? Check whether your grocery store or local retailer participates in cashback earnings apps like Ibotta. These apps often work like present-day “loyalty cards” for shopping credits or direct cashback in payment processors like PayPal or Venmo.

Side Hustle #10: Houseit for Families

Just as you can become a babysitter or dog sitter, there are also platforms like House Sit Match, Trusted Housesitters, and Nomador that match you with homeowners who need responsible adults to look after their homes while they are away.

Side Hustle #11: Get Paid to Take Surveys

Online surveys may have acquired a lukewarm reputation in the early days of the internet. However, signing up with a legitimate attitudinal research company that serves major corporations is stress-free way to earn extra cash. Try programs like SurveyJunkie (and its add-on known as SurveyPulse).

Side Hustle #12: Join a Paid Focus Group

Focus groups help companies develop the best products for their target audiences. And these days, many focus groups collect participant feedback entirely online or via phone. Two of the most popular focus-group marketplaces include User Interviews and Respondent.

Side Hustle #13: Get Paid to Shed Pounds

For years, corporations have hosted “company weight-loss challenges” to encourage their employees to get healthy. Also known as corporate wellness programs, these challenges often offered cash prizes for losing weight. Healthywage.com has expanded this concept so that anyone can register and win a cash prize for dropping pounds.

Side Hustle #14: Become a Field Agent

If you find yourself running errands often, download the FieldAgent or GigWalk app to earn money for tasks like guerilla market research using your smartphone.

Side Hustle #15: Collect the Trash

Looking for a no-frills business with plenty of potential customers? Consider starting a trash collection business for commercial parking lots. CleanLots is one of the most popular marketplaces for this service.

Side Hustle #16: Rent Out Rooms for Storage

Instead of letting dust collect in the attic or garage, rent out the extra space to vetted individuals who need storage. Online marketplaces like Neighbor.com provide a safe way to advertise storage space to locals and earn extra cash.

Side Hustle #17: Become a Caregiver

Platforms like Care.com and SitterCity have made it simple to connect with families who need fully vetted individuals to care for children or elderly.

Side Hustle #18: Start a Catering Business

With the rise of mobile apps and marketplaces, starting a catering business is less risky for caterers and chefs. If you have a passion for cooking, marketplaces like EatWith.com provide a platform for hosting special events, cooking classes, and even food tours.

Side Hustle #19: Become a Mobile Mechanic

If you are great with cars, working as a mechanic is an excellent side gig and an essential service. Platforms like YourMechanic connect automotive technicians with mechanic jobs in their local area.

Side Hustle #20: Rent Out Baby Gear

Platforms like BabyQuip enable you to rent baby equipment to traveling families who may need a crib or stroller for a few days.

Side Hustle #21: Chef Delivery Service

If catering for large groups feels like too much of a challenge, you may wish to consider become a personal chef for a few families at a time. Networks like HireAChef or NextDoor can connect you with families looking for individuals to cook and deliver meals directly to their homes.

Side Hustle #22: Get Paid to Talk

Some people use strictly platonic companionship services like Rent-A-Friend to hang out with extroverted individuals for up to $50 an hour.

Side Hustle #23: Advertise on Your Car

If you are willing to wrap your car in an advertising sleeve, you can money during your normal commute. Marketplaces like Wrapify and Carvertise connect everyday drivers to corporations looking for individuals to advertise their products or services on the road.

Side Hustle #24: Audiobook Narrator

Individuals with great speaking voices and stellar reading ability may wish to consider becoming audiobook narrators. These side hustle jobs typically require auditions, but many narrators attest that these gigs offer a solid way to earn good income. People who can speak in a range of convincing accents or who possess theatrical training may also thrive in the position. Try looking for gigs through Backstage or Voices.com.

Side Hustle #25: Answer Touch Questions

Websites like JustAnswer pay individuals with high-level skills to answer questions from the public. Requested experts include lawyers, veterinarians, mechanics, computer technicians, plumbers, electricians, and accountants. If you have specialized training in any of these areas, apply to become an online expert and share your knowledge.

Side Hustle #26: Freelance on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for selling any service for a minimum of $5. While many sellers possess advanced skills like programming or graphic design, there is plenty of business for even the most niche-based services (like drawing portraits or writing poetry).

Side Hustle #27: List a Local Service

If you offer a niche service but have not found the right marketplace for it, try listing it on a local platform like ThumbTack. Numerous individuals from window washers to Ethernet repairmen have found clients by using the site.

Side Hustle #28: Sell Your Hair

Buying and selling human hair is big business. If you have long hair and are due for haircut, consider listing your offer on HairSellOn to find individuals interested in your locks. Most sellers receive multiple offers, and the site also includes a price calculator and safety guidelines.

Side Hustle #29: Sell Your Old Furniture

An old dresser or chair may not mean much to you, but many people love purchasing structurally sound vintage pieces. Try listing your furniture on consignment marketplaces like Chairish. Some individuals even refurbish furniture purchased from thrift stores and then sell the items for profit.

Side Hustle #30: Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping remains one of the most popular side jobs. Reputable companies like Market Force and Bestmark offer free sign ups and training. You can also search for more at the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA).

Side Hustle #31: Get Paid to Drive with Rise Sharing

Well-known companies like Uber and Lyft have made it straightforward to rake in cash without ever owning a yellow taxi.

Side Hustle #32: Deliver Food Part Time

If you want to make quick cash by delivering for local restaurants, try signing up through an app like DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub, or Uber Eats.

Side Hustle #33: Get Paid to Test Websites

Many corporations pay individuals to test websites and ensure a positive user experience. Look for opportunities on marketplaces like UserTesting.com.

Side Hustle #34: Virtual Garage Sales

Gone are the days of cumbersome home garage sales. With apps like Mercari, you can create online listings for unwanted items. The app even offers pre-paid labels with up to $200 insurance in the unlikely event of loss or damage during transit.

Side Hustle #35: Sell on Shutterstock

Do people compliment your photography? Instead of leaving them in an album or only posting on Instagram, start selling your photographs on sites like Shutterstock.

Side Hustle #36: Create an Ebook

No need to go through a traditional publisher if your goal is to sell fast. Platforms like Gumroad allow you to create non-fiction eBooks in a little as 30 minutes. You can then share the eBook profile page with any contacts, and your customers will receive a PDF of your book upon purchase.

Side Hustle #37: Sell Educational Resources

If you are a former student or teacher with old quizzes, lesson plans, or worksheets, you can sell these items on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers or Nexus Notes.

Side Hustle #38: Teach Music Lessons Online

Do you sing or play an instrument? Register as a teacher on an online platform like TakeLessons. With students from around the world, this site makes it simple to teach anything from drumming to ukulele.

Side Hustle #39: Become an Online Contributor

More and more content platforms accept submissions from outside contributors (with no writing experience required). For example, Listverse accepts unsolicited submissions, and the editorial team pays $100 via PayPal if they decide to publish your topic.

Side Hustle #40: Teach a Local Class

If you are good at a hobby that might not be easy to teach online (such as metalworking or textiles), you can still advertise your course online before teaching in person. Try listing your class on Dabble, an award-winning platform designed to boost local engagement and opportunities.

Side Hustle #41: Rent Your Bike

You do not have to own a car to get cash for renting out your wheels. Marketplaces like SpinLister allow you to rent out your bike instead. And if you own a motorcycle, you can use a similar platform called Riders Share.

Side Hustle #42: Rent Appliances / Tools

As you may have begun to realize, it has become easier than ever to rent out just about anything. Think about any unused appliances in your home. If you have an old sewing machine, Xbox, power tool, lawnmower, or espresso machine, you can list any of these items Zilok or other equipment-rental websites.

Side Hustle #43: Deliver Packages Locally

Programs like Amazon Flex allow you to deliver packages using your own vehicle instead of maneuvering a massive delivery truck.

Side Hustle #44: Create Subscription BOxes

If you have a knack for putting together gift boxes, this talent translates well into a subscription-box service. Platforms like CrateJoy allow you to create subscription boxes for everything from self-care to health and fitness.

Side Hustle #45: Become a Transcriptionist

If you have ever wanted a legitimate path to transcription that does not require a lot of time or money, Transcribe Anywhere is a famous course that also connects you with lifetime job support opportunities.

Side Hustle #46: Organize Carpools

Soccer moms can now get paid for local carpooling using platforms like Kango.

Side Hustle #47: Sell Handmade Products

Turn your talent for creating soaps or crafts into a viable side hustle. Marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon Handmade allow you to sell to anyone around the world.

Side Hustle #48: Become a Shopping Advisor

If you have vast experience in a subject or hobby, use your expertise to help a newbie. Programs like Curated match experts with novices who are eager to purchase the correct gear for a new activity. Examples of popular subjects include golfing, cycling, boating, and fishing.

Side Hustle #49: Get Paid to Download Apps

Similar to website testing, programs like FeaturePoints offer cash and gift cards for providing feedback on mobile apps.

Side Hustle #50: Become a Test Caller

In addition to mystery shopping in person, some companies use mystery callers to ensure that their telephone customer service is up to par. Try to connect with these companies using Arc Call Performance Monitoring, Perception Strategies, or Yardi Matrix.

Side Hustle #51: Start a Bookeeping Service

For those who already have tons of experience in bookkeeping, starting a bookkeeping service is often the next step. Start by taking a free online course that focuses entirely on the business side of this service.

Side Hustle #52: Help People Move

We can all use a helping hand when packing up to move. Sign up at the Dolly app and get paid to help everyone from families to businesses load up their moving trucks.

Side Hustle #53: Work as a Handyman

If you need help finding handyman gigs, the aptly named Handy is a great place to start.

Side Hustle #54: Food Prep Service

Uninterested in cooking full meals? Prepare meal prep kits or ingredient packs instead. It is often as simple as mincing or dicing vegetables for people who do not have the ability or time. First check the cottage food regulations in your area, and then join the online forum for advice about starting your own meal kit service.

Side Hustle #55: Become a Local Guide

If you live in a touristy area, reputable platforms like ToursByLocals or Tourzan can help you start a side hustle in no time.

Side Hustle #56: Snuggle Up

Do you give great hugs? Platonic snuggling is one of the most rapidly expanding side hustle ideas. Apply to a reputable company like CuddleComfort or SnuggleBuddies.

Side Hustle #57: Remote Customer Service

Remote customer service is a great way to work from home. Check Remote.co and similar platforms for daily updates.

Side Hustle #58: Dating Auctions

As odd as it might sound at first, WhatsYourPrice is a patent-pending online dating auction. (In case you were wondering, the company's U.S. Patent Application No. is 61407831.) According to the site, attractive people can win an average of $125 during a first-date auction.

Side Hustle #59: Become a Human Billboard

You can either hold signs in front of businesses or join services like Nomadic Genius to help generate buzz about a company or product.

Side Hustle #60: Get Work as a Movie Extra

If you live in a metro area, check Central Casting and Auditions Free for any upcoming gigs. You can often find casting calls for game shows and reality television as well.

Side Hustle #61: Become a Wedding Officiant

Did you know that most jurisdictions allow you to become an ordained wedding officiant entirely online? After becoming ordained, you can charge $100 for officiating any wedding.

Side Hustle #62: Join a Bridal Party

Some couples hire stand-in bridesmaid and groomsmen for picture-perfect wedding albums. Sign up at platforms like BridesmaidForHire.

Side Hustle #63: Join Amazon Mechanical Turks

Although payment for any one task tends to be small, you can complete them in a very short amount of time. Sample easy tasks include data verification or image processing.

Side Hustle #64: Private Label Wine

If you love wine, connect with a private label supplier and turn your passion into a business.

Side Hustle #65: Sell Old Books

If you have print books collecting dust, downloading the BookScouter app can make them easier to sell.

Side Hustle #66: iPhone Cases

Are you a decent artist? Upload your art to Society6 for free. If someone buys a case with your artwork, Society6 will print on demand and pay you a commission.

Side Hustle #67: Sell Digital Templates

Platforms like CreativeMarket let you set up shop for templates ranging from simple cover letters to advanced WordPress designs.

Side Hustle #68: Sell T-Shirts

Many new entrepreneurs opt for Merch by Amazon since the program allows you to upload a t-shirt design without any upfront cost. The platform handles production, shipping, and customer service once you make a sale.

Side Hustle #69: Become a Host Family

Get paid to host foreign exchange students through reputable companies like Education First.

Side Hustle #70: Body Modeling

Artists need body models of all shapes and sizes. Or if you have one nice body part in particular (such as your hands), contact a reputable agency like BodyPartsModels.com.

Side Hustle #71: Sell Unique Designs

Do you design jewelry? Upload it to a marketplace like Zazzle. The site also accepts less ambitious listings like simple quote posters for sale.

Side Hustle #72: Rent Your Driveway

Marketplaces like Pavemint and CurbFlip help you rent parking spaces with ease.

Side Hustle #73: Start a Mini Dog Park

If you want to take dog-sitting to the next level, platforms like Sniffspot allow you to list your backyard as a miniature dog park and connects you with interested pet owners.

Side Hustle #74: Become a Vocal Coach

The Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) can help you become a licensed voice teacher and then list your business on their marketplace.

Side Hustle #75: Get Paid for Reviews

SliceThePie pays members willing to review music, clothes, and other consumer goods.

Side Hustle #76: Become a Travel Advisor

People need advice for safe travel now more than ever, so check with a company like Departure Lounge for paid opportunities.

Side Hustle #77: Sell Scrap Metal

If you have junk in the garage or shed, get an online metal evaluation and start selling by the pound.

Side Hustle #78: Become a Logo Designer

If you have a knack for branding that packs a punch, advertise your work on DesignCrowd.

Side Hustle #79: Create A Custom Fragrance

The Fragrance Shop offers inexpensive fragrance formulation for budding entrepreneurs.

Side Hustle #80: Provide Annotations

Companies like Spare5 will compensate everyday people for annotating pictures with keywords.

Side Hustle #81: Invent a Product

Quirky is a crowdfunding website that pays individuals to invent products.

Side Hustle #82: Help Solve Medical Mysteries

Innovative crowdsourcing apps like CrowdMed let you brainstorm solutions to existing medical mysteries for cash – no medical school degree required.

Side Hustle #83: Get Paid to Play Mobile Games

Apps like Mistplay pay you for testing games on your smartphone.

Side Hustle #84: Participate in Receipt Receipt

Save and scan all paper receipts on apps like Receipt Pal, Receipt Hog, and Fetch Rewards and get paid to help companies improve the accuracy of their consumer research.

Side Hustle #85: Flip Domain Names

While flipping domain names can be expensive to start, it costs nothing to register as a Picky Domains contributor and get paid for your insights.

Side Hustle #86: Become a Virtual Assistant

Fancy Hands is one of the most straightforward ways to become a virtual assistant and get paid.

Side Hustle #87: Get Paid to Stream

Streaming services like Twich.tv pay you to watch shows and ads.

Side Hustle #88: Summarize Textbooks for Students

If you have a knack for simplifying complicated material, InstaRead will pay you to write accurate summaries and study guides.

Side Hustle #89: Manage Someone Else's To-Do List

Companies like Todoist hire independent contractors to help others reach their daily goals.

Side Hustle #90: Become a Line Stander

Download an app like InLine4You and get paid to hold someone's place in line.

Side Hustle #91: Share Products on Social Media

Popular companies like MagicLinks pay you to share posts on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Side Hustle #92: Search Engine Tester

Market research companies like Appen offer cash for testing search engine results.

Side Hustle #93: Create Product Models

Companies like Shapeways create 3D models of any drawing and sell it on their marketplace upon your request.

Side Hustle #94: Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

YouGov America pays in exchange for your current opinions about politics, sports, and entertainment.

Side Hustle #95: Cash Back for Online Purchases

If you purchased a product online and the price drops later, apps like Paribus can help you get cash back for it.

Side Hustle #96: Get Paid to Drink Beer

Startup companies like Secret Hopper pay you to test craft beer.

Side Hustle #97: Sell Your Junk Mail

Companies like the Small Business Knowledge (SBK) Center will pay for your junk mail once you join a consumer research panel.

Side Hustle #98: Get Paid to Sleep

NASA frequently offers bed-rest studies for cash.

Side Hustle #99: Invest Spare Change

Apps like Acorn allow you to invest spare change automatically in exchange for gift cards and earnings.

Side Hustle #100: Become a Stylist

Do you have a knack for accessorizing? Sites like Stella & Dot pay individuals to help others improve their style.

The Bottom Line
The best side hustles often have low barriers to entry and great returns for your bank account. Whether you goal is to pay off debt or save for retirement, setting up a side hustle is a great way to make the most of your time.