Shopify vs. BigCommerce vs. WooCommerce in 2021

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another episode here! So today I want to talk about Shopify and why I think it's the best eCommerce platform available hands down. So why I like Shopify, you know, I've got my own agency, it's in the digital marketing space where I help clients with everything from e-com SEO, digital analytics, uh, or just driving leads online. So when it comes to e-commerce selling online, Shopify is the easiest and best solution hands down I've used. I used all the other platforms pretty much, and I just want to talk through my experience using some of the other platforms. So I just helped a client who was using big commerce, which it's really interesting right now. They're going to have an IPO. I just read in the news. This is really interesting. They're going to be doing an IPO to go public and raise more money.

And honestly, the client that was on big commerce, they had huge, huge issues. And I'm not very familiar with big commerce compared to Shopify because literally everybody that I'm working with is on Shopify or going to be on Shopify.

The Problems with Woo Commerce

You know, some people like to use WordPress with WooCommerce because if you're doing big volume, then you can actually have cheaper fees when you really start to break it down, uh, on the transaction level, if you go over certain volumes. So it starts to make sense there, but you're going to pay a cost because you're going to have to have somebody in it or somebody who understands payments and Stripe and integrating all of these things. So that way the whole system will work.

When you're talking about Shopify, everything just works. Okay. And that's why I love it. It's all integrated. They are doing as many things as possible to make it simple and easy for anybody, literally anyone to sell products online, they handle the payments, they handle everything.

And it's great. And speaking of the payments, you know, when you're trying to take payments online, there's a whole laundry list of things that you need to do. But when you use Shopify, they've got a service called Shopify pay, which they handle all of the credit card, processing the transactions for you and just deduct that fee and then send it money to your bank. So it's super simple, super easy to use, and they integrate Apple pay, Google pay and all of the other sub services that you would need inside of that. So if a user is on an Apple device, they'll see Apple pay and studies have actually shown that Apple user is on your website and they use there the option to use Apple pay. Then your conversion rate will actually increase because you're reducing the amount of friction touches and buttons and things they need to tap, press or do in order for them to check out on your website.

The Problems with Big Commerce

So it's a better experience, which translates to your bottom line. So let me get back to big commerce for second. I had a client who was using it. It in my experience was more expensive than Shopify and it had fewer capabilities and the backend was clunky. It, it didn't work as smoothly as Shopify. Um, the theme that they even had on big commerce, uh, didn't work right needed to be totally overhauled and fixed. And so we moved them over to Shopify. And since then it's been, it's been fantastic. Everything works as it should. We were having tons of issues, um, on big commerce and even silly things like the analytics were showing that it was incorrect. They couldn't get the SSL certificate to work properly. And we had to go back and forth with big commerce support to get that integrated properly.

The Benefits of Using Shopify

Um, on Shopify, it just, you click a few buttons and it sinks properly and you're good to go. And you've got that encrypted checkout and everything you need there. Um, and just a couple other really weird things. Um, when you start to integrate, you know, your website into your email platform, into, you know, your transactions with QuickBooks or whatever else. So it was a really interesting experience, um, working with them, helping them move and transition over to Shopify and seeing the results there. So that was absolutely fantastic. Um, but I would highly, highly, highly recommend Shopify. Uh, if you're trying to sell anything online and if you have any questions, um, I'll put a link down below to my agency. So you can ping me with any questions and maybe we can work together if it makes sense, but a Shopify hands down wins for the best eCommerce platform.

And it's cheap. It starts at like $30 a month now. Um, I'm a fairly young guy and there's probably some people watching this who they're older. And they remember the days when, you know, to start an eCommerce website, it would have cost you six figures, cause you'd have to pay developers. You'd have to pay a whole team of people to custom code this website, string, everything together. It was a huge nightmare. So with Shopify, it's 30 bucks a month and you have all of those capabilities. What used to cost you a hundred thousand dollars? So it's really, really interesting. And there's an article and I'll link to that down below. Um, it's talking about Amazon and the first few versions, and it's funny cause you look at it now and you'd laugh at how bad it is. But I mean, this was a long time.

This is over 10 years ago when I started this and it was all custom. There weren't any frameworks. There wasn't any other tools and things that they could use that were off the shelf like there is today. So that's my 2 cents. That's why I love Shopify. And I would highly it if you're selling any products online, uh, it's, it's really the best solution. And the price point is hard to beat because like I said, even my, my client though, I was helping on big commerce was paying way more than $30 a month, uh, for big commerce. And that didn't work. And then some of these other custom solutions like using WordPress with WooCommerce, well, WordPress was originally a blogging platform and people have now tried to hot rod it so that WordPress with WooCommerce, you can sell products and have an eCom store. It was never meant to do that and it'll still work and you can make it work, but the headaches and all of the trials and tribulations you're going to go to, in my opinion, are just not worth it. If you're trying to sell online, Shopify is the perfect platform to do that. So why would you try and reinvent the wheel and create something else? So just my 2 cents, let me know what you think down below in the comments. Don't forget to like it subscribe and I'll see you next time.

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