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Custom Videos

( Over 30+ Videos Produced)

Supercharge your brand with a custom video from Preston Miller. This is for a custom 2 minute spokesperson video gig where I will say your script on camera. Remember, 90% of content will be video in 2020. Video is taking over with YouTube, Facebook Live, and Snapchat. This video service will help your business leverage the power of video. I've spent over $5,000 building a state of the art home studio that I will use to shoot your custom video. Starting at just $97 for 2 minutes of video.

Video Examples

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Wistia video thumbnail

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The Amazon Kindle Launch Course

( Over 300+ Students Are Enrolled )

Start selling your own books on the largest self publishing platform in the world! Learn how to write, publish, and launch your first book with step by step video lessons. There are millions of people who want to read your book and my new course helps you get started.

The WordPress Plugin Survey

We paid $300 to get over 100 responses to some of the most asked questions about WordPress plugins. We found out some of the biggest pain points or WordPress, how much people would pay for solutions, and we are revealing the data to the public very soon. I can't wait to share this valuable information with you!

Affiliate System by Preston Miller
Audio Secrets by Preston Miller

Audio Secrets – Record Like A Pro

Audio is what determines the joes from the pros. Don't sound like an amateur with bad audio. This course will show you how to have premium sounding audio on a budget.

The Ultimate Affiliate System

Supplement your online income with affiliate income. You don't have to sell or support your own products just promote products and watch the commissions roll in but that's only if you follow my system.