How to Register a Domain Name 2020

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There are millions of places you can register a domain name but in this video I show you step by step how to register a domain name with one of my favorite services РNamecheap. Here are the three steps you need to do to claim your own domain name on the internet.


How to Register a Domain Name in 3 Easy Steps

  • Step #1: Go to and create an account
  • Step#2: Register your own Domain Name
  • Step #3: Complete Payment

Stay tuned for the next video where I will show you how to point your domain name to your web hosting service.



How to Register a Domain Name Video Script

Today, I want to show you how you can register your own domain names quickly and easily. For this example, I'm using Name Cheap and I'm going to do a XYZ domain name because they're a dollar for the year. All you do and you can sign up and get a domain name from a million different services literally. There are a million different companies that will sell you a domain name. I'm just using Name Cheap because I like them. I know how to use all the platform and everything like that and I can jump around here. First things first, you can see I'm logged in here. You can see some of my domains down below. You can go here. All you got to do to register a new domain name is set up an account with Name Cheap. Just go to, set it up. Then go here to Domains and hit register. I'm going to hit that. Then check this out. I'm just going to get a test website domain name, so I'm just going to check and see if is available. It's going to go out there and search and see if this domain name is available. Look at this. It looks like it is actually available for $10.69 a year, but I'm just going to get the .xyz domain name.

It's only 88 cents a year. That's pretty awesome. It's cheap. I'm just going to set it up as a demo site to kind of show you guys how to install everything and get a website up and running. First things first, got to get the domain name. Here it is: You can get whatever you want. Just hit this add to cart button. There it is with the I-can fee. Bam! I always turn off all the auto renew stuff and who is guard. You can always add that later, so that it's actually a dollar and six cents. I think there's a coupon that they're running right now. Let me go check real quick. Hang on one second. All right, so this is a good lesson that you guys will want to do. Before you buy anything, if you see a promo code box, you want to go off on Google and actually check and see. I just Googled Name Cheap coupon and I found this coupon code. It's called spring break, so if I turn that in, hit apply. Bam! There we go. You always want to check and see if there's a coupon. This coupon looks like it will work for May 2016, but it does not work for .xyz domains.

It only works on .com, .net and stuff like that. That's okay. I'm going to still do it. Let me hit confirm order. All right. Let me just check everything. I'm going to have to blur that out. That has my payment info saved in here. Just accept the terms. Go ahead and hit pay now. It's processing. It's processing. Look at this. It's going to send me a confirmation e-mail, but I just secured that domain name. I own it, okay? Now, what you have to do is and I'm going to do this in the next video and show you how to do this. We've got the domain name. We've got to point it to our web host. It's always good practice to never host your website and have your name registered with the same host because you can set yourself up for issues there. You can do that, but I would not recommend it. It's not good practice. It's always good practice to have your domain name registered somewhere else and then point it to whoever's hosting your website, in case you ever want to switch or anything like that. They don't actually have your domain name. That's how you register a domain name. That's it. I'll show you how to point your servers and do some more complicated stuff to actually help get your website online in the next video. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe.

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