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KDP Rocket is an easy to use self-publishing software that will help you find kindle keywords and profitable book ideas by showing you how many people are interested and how much you can make with each as well as the level of competition.

Today I've got something really exciting for you. It's a review of KDP Rocket by my buddy, Dave Chesson. Now, if you haven't heard of this, there's a thing called a Kindlepreneur. And what is it? It's somebody who basically writes books on Amazon Kindle as an entrepreneur and makes money doing it. Now, who better to create a software like this than the guy himself who's actually done it and made a full-time living on Amazon Kindle? It's Dave Chesson. So this is the software, KDP Rocket. I bought it. I'm just doing a quick review here, inside the software, so you can check it out before you buy it..

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As you get into the software, this is the first screen that you'll see. You can do a few different things. You can do an idea search, a competitor search or a video tutorial.If you're not familiar with the software, you probably want to watch all these first, but you'll get a good idea in this video of what it actually does.

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So first things first, I'd go into new idea search.So I'm just going to show you a keyword and what it looks like and what you get to see, but you can type in anything. So I'm going to do, make money online.


Throw that in there and, as you see, it's returning a bunch of different things here. So I'll go ahead and walk you through those really quick, but basically you've got how many people were competing against this term, the average monthly earnings, the Google searches per month and the estimated Amazon searches a month. And then the competitive score.

Now, first thing you'll notice right off the bat is, “Hey, why aren't the average monthly earnings showing and why isn't the competitive score showing?” Great question. Well, those will show up. All you have to do is click analyze right here and give it a couple seconds and it'll pull the cell. I'm going to click that for a few of these so we can walk through some of the results. Notice how there's not the estimated monthly searches on Amazon for all of them. So I'm only going to look at these ones that actually have it here. Let's let these pull real quick here and I'll start walking you through what these results look like and what they mean. It's pulling Make Money Online. And then it's pulling some other similar terms here. So we've got Make Money Online, Make Money Online 2016, Make Money Online by John Chow, Make Money Online Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, Make Money Online Fast, Make Money Online for Dummies, Make Money Online ebook.

The whole point of this is to help you figure out what topics and keywords are people searching for on Amazon and then what are they already buying, because you don't want to write a Kindle book of something that people aren't buying. You want to write on a topic that's hot, that people are already searching for, there's intent here and what people will actually pay for. So make money online, this one's awesome. It's got a lot of competitors.

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But, the average monthly earnings suck at just $19. Let me just tell you real quick. Let's look at this. The average monthly earning is the estimated average monthly earnings of the top books that rank for this keyword. So it's an average, okay? It is not just the top book. So keep that in mind. It's an average. So if you can rank your book on page one for that keyword on Amazon, you can make some money.

Here's what's very interesting is, make money online 2016. There's a lot of potential there. You can make $1,208 per month. Google searches, it's not available, but Amazon you're getting 248 searches a month. And look at this, it's got a really low competitive score. The competitive score here, let me just talk about this. If it's closer to a hundred, that means it's very hard and one being easiest, nine being the hardest. So you want it to be low. Excuse me. Lower is better. Higher is not as good. But some of these you're not going to be able to escape a more competitive level on these. So let's go ahead and keep going down here. This one looks pretty low. This looks pretty low. Make money online fast, we've got $1,188 a month. Lots of Google searches and a high search volume on Amazon and then a pretty decent competitive score there as well and then some other searches down here.

But I would really be interested in those two, it's Make Money Online 2016 and then Make Money Online Fast. So then what we can do, excuse me, is it looks like this one's pretty interesting, Make Money Online 2016. We can take that and actually see what books are ranking for that. So this is the competition search area, Make Money Online 2016, and we could see what actual books are ranking and how they're doing. So here are all the stats for that keyword. This is really interesting and you can actually drill into any one of these and see what the book is and get more information. Let me just walk you through this dashboard here and what we're seeing. You've got the book title, you've got the subtitle, you've got the author, you've got the age in days, so how long has this book been on the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

You've got the average bestseller rank or, excuse me, Amazon bestseller rank that tells you how well it's selling. You've got, is the keyword in the title? No. Is the keyword in the subtitle? No. A lot of these are all… Look at this. This is really interesting. Okay, you've got the number of reviews. This is very important because, as you know, on Amazon and Amazon Kindle too, but Amazon in general, reviews are a huge part of what people actually buy. Because if they see something, they're going to go down and read the reviews and go, “Hey, are people liking this? Are they enjoying it? Is it a good product or service? Is it a good book? Is it a good Kindle book?” And so more reviews are better.

Then you get to see the average of the reviews here. Look at this, 4.5, 4.4, 4.4, zero, because it has zero reviews. Then it says 25, 4.6, this says zero. So then you've also got the price. 2.99 is pretty standard for a Kindle book. And then we've got the estimated daily sales here. Look at this, $254, Turn Your Computer into a Money Machine for 2017. Look, this guy is really smart because he's already piggybacked the 2017 trend. It's the end of 2016 right now. He's already jumped on that. That's pretty smart. And look at this, he's making over $5,800 in monthly sales. And then you can click this link right here and actually check out this book on Amazon.

So what does this tell me? This tells me if I was thinking about writing a book on make money online, look at this. I can go back to the idea search here, Make Money Online 2016 is hot, but Make Money Online 2017 is going to be even hotter. Then I could do a new search and drill down from there. But even if you wanted to do something, even as easy as, or different, as gardening or dieting, let's look at this real quick. If I just type in dieting, it'll tell you exactly what people are searching, Dieting for Dummies, the End of Dieting.

Whatever you want to write about on Kindle, whatever you know about, whatever you're interested in, if it's fitness, if it's health-related, if it's internet marketing, if it's online, if it's gardening, if it's woodworking, anything and you can explain that. If it's even music. I got a buddy, who's a guitar teacher. If it's music, it doesn't matter. You can use this tool, KDP Rocket, and drill in and really see what's going on, what the search volumes are and what your potential profit is. Because one of the worst things you could do, and I did this when I started on Kindle, is you can start writing these books and throwing them on Kindle. And then you have no sales and you go, “I don't understand what the hell happened. I spent all this time. I spent all this effort and even money paying people to create e-covers and stuff like that,” and then you have no sales. And that's one of the worst things you can do.

So I give KDP Rocket five out of five stars. It's a great Kindle software to help you really profit from eBooks that you're writing and come up with keyword ideas and even laser in if you've already got eBooks on Amazon. You can come into this offer and go, “Hey, people are searching for this. They're not searching exactly for what I was talking about.” So then you could modify titles. You could modify keywords that you're going after. This is really a great all-in-one software you can use. So how much is KDP Rocket? KDP Rocket is a one-time fee of $67 and then you have the software for life. You also get access to Dave and his support team, but he is going to change it to a monthly fee, a monthly recurring fee, here pretty soon so if you're not already in on this, you're going to want to click my link and grab KDP Rocket.

I'm also giving away some really sick bonuses that you can only get when you buy through my link. How does that work? You buy through my specific link and I actually make a commission and you'll automatically get my bonuses, some eBooks that'll help you write best-selling Kindle books, automatically, okay? Only if you could buy through my link. So be sure to check that out. Also, if you're interested and you're not sure how to get started on Kindle, you got to check out Dave Chesson's blog. It's Kindlepreneur. I'll also link to that below. And if you want to know more about KDP Rocket, I give it five out of five stars, it's one of the best softwares for Amazon Kindlepreneurs, Amazon Kindle writers and people who just want to make money writing books for Amazon Kindle.

That's my review. You got to check this out. Also, if you want to know more about all the technical aspects of setting your book up on Amazon Kindle, like I said, Dave's website is a great resource. I've also got a course on Udemy that you can check out, where I go through each one of the steps of actually writing and publishing a Kindle book. You should check that out as well. You can use the link below this video to get 25% off. Thank you so much for watching. If you're not already subscribed, be sure to subscribe. This is Preston Miller from and I'll see you next time.


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