Popup Domination vs. OptinMonster vs. Thrive Themes

If you are wanting to get leads from your website then you have come to the right place. In this post I review some of the most popular lead generation software and pick my favorite. I have personally used all three of these options extensively so you can know that I am aware of each one's strengths and weaknesses. My favorite plugin is Optin Monster and you can easily see by the feature comparison below but don't take my word for it. Be sure to read the whole post and decide which software is best for you.

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Option #1 Popup Domination

Popup Domination 3.0Popup Domination increases conversions by over 500%. If you are not familiar with Popup Domination it is a WordPress plugin (and Stand Alone version) that allows you to integrate with your autoresponder email service to connect with your customers and visitors via their name and email. It will display a popup on your website and can let visitors optin to get your ebooks or other information reports. It also lets you add a optin form to the end of your posts so that visitors that read your posts can optin after reading a good post. Also comes with A/B testing so you can test different styles. Popup Domination example

How Much Is Popup Domination?

Here is the pricing model of the software. I recommend the $77 version if you have a couple sites otherwise the $47 version will be perfectly fine and works even if you don't have a WordPress site.popup domination pricing

Where is that Cool Theme?

I feel that I should tell you that most people purchase Popup domination and then ask “how do I create that sample popup I saw on the sales page?” This is all part of Popup Domination's sales funnel. They showcase themes from their theme club which is an extra $37 to get access to the more “premium” themes. I felt like I had been punched in the gut after I purchased Popup Domination for $97 and then had to purchase another $37 worth of themes to get what I thought I had purchased for $97 so buyer beware. Here is what it looks like below.popup domination theme clubIn conclusion Popup Domination is a great popup tool if popups are all you you want to do. The software is a bit limited in functionality and integration compared to competitors. If you are interest you can check out Popup Domination here.

Preston's Final Comments on Popup Domination

Preston Miller

I hate to be the bad guy here but website popups are not as effective as they used to be. This software is a one trick pony and you can get more bang for your buck with another solution.

Popup Domination Rating


I give Popup Domination 1/5 stars because it's does popups really well but other plugins can do what it does and much much more.

Option #2 Hybrid Connect (Now Thrive Themes)


Thrive-ContentThrive Themes is really 3 pieces of software bundled into one. It's a landing page creator, content builder, and lightbox all under the Thrive Themes label. Let's explore the features of each one individuality. Widget Creator included with Hybrid Connect (Thrive Themes)  Hybrid Connect Widget hybrid-feature-2

How Much Is Thrive Themes?

You are probably how much this bundle of three pieces of software is going to cost so here is a breakdown of their pricing model.Thrive Themes PricingHybrid Connect which is now Thrive Themes is more of a WordPress Theme and content builder with built in features like widget form creators, popups,  and header ribbon optins. It is probably more for advanced users and beginners who just want to add a WordPress plugin should check out OptinMonster below but if you want to use one tool for everything then Thrive Themes does it all and it does it well.

Preston's Final Comments on Thrive Themes

Preston Miller

I love Thrive Themes and I use it on Preston's Corner all the time however it is a pretty involved and complicated tool Thrive Themes is a great value for everything that it does. I would not recommend it for beginners but more advanced bloggers and website owners should check it out.

Thrive Themes is Approved!


I give Thrive Themes 5/5 stars because it's a bit hard to use but otherwise it has the best features of all the lead generation tools on the market at this time.

Check OutThrive Themes >>>lorem ipsum dolor

Option #3 Optin Monster

optin monster logoThe moment I found out about Optin Monster I knew I had to try it. Let me start off with saying that Optin Monster is way more than just a popup plugin! It does popups but it also does mobile popups, in post call to action, split testing, polite scroll boxes, and sidebar forms. Check out the basic popup style below.Optin

What About Mobile Devices?

One of my favorite features of Optin Monster is it's functionality for all devices. You are probably thinking that the popup above is great but what about mobile device traffic? Mobile traffic is exploding and if a user visits my site do popups resize for mobile devices? Yes, mobile popups are available in Optin Monster. If a visitor visits your site from a desktop or laptop then your normal popup will show (example above) If the visitor comes from a mobile device then you mobile popup will show. (example below)optin monster mobile

Can I Do Split Testing on Offers?

So what if you want to test different headlines on a new offer to see which one converts better? You can run multiple offers at the same time and see which converts better in real time with Optin Monster‘s A/B Split Testing Feature. Once you know which offer is converting the best you can kill the other offers. It takes your traffic and cycles different offers for different visitors and tracks which ones convert and puts it in your analytic's dashboard. Pretty cool huh?optin monster split test

Can I Put Sign Up Forms In Blog Posts?

So what if you want to embed an offer directly into a blog post? With Optin Monster‘s in-line form feature you can embed offers directly into posts to have call to actions right in your posts. These are a great way to get users to perform your desired call to action since they are already reading your post.optin monster in post call to action

What About Scroll Activated Boxes?

So what if you want to have a signup box slide to the bottom right when a visitors scrolls 50% down the page. Optin Monster‘s slide-in feature enables you to add in polite scroll boxes that seem inviting and non-invasive on your pages. Scroll boxes are a great way to increase conversions since they are viewed as inviting and passive.optin monster scroll boxes

So How Much Is Optin Monster?

You are probably how much this awesome piece of software is going to cost so here is a breakdown of their pricing model. Optin Monster is available for a monthly or yearly subscription.

optinmonster pricing graphic

optin monster pricing model

Optin Monster is an all in one plugin for email signups, conversions, and increasing sales. Optin Monster does all of these amazing features but more importantly it does them all very well! I would definatly recommend it if you want to increase your subscriber base for your website or blog. Everything from Lightbox Popups, Slide Ins, Footer Bars, Sidebar Widgets – It does it all. Pricing: From $49-$199 and I would recommend the $99 version as it includes 3 sites and I really like the extra options that are included versus just the basic version. Check it out here

Preston's Final Comments on Optin Monster

Preston Miller

The reason I love Optin Monster is because it does so many different things like lightboxes, mobile popups, slide in, floating bars, and fullscreen optin forms. It's truly one of the best plugins online to build your email list.

Optin Monster Rating


I give Optin Monster 4/5 stars because it's easy to setup and integrate on your website and start generating leads in a few minutes.

GetOptin Monster Now >>>lorem ipsum dolor

In Conclusion

Each software has it's own strengths and weaknesses. People always want to know which one is the best? The truth is that there is no perfect answer. You have to consider the different options available and find the right solution for your website or blog. I trust that you can make a great decision now that you know the different features of the different plugins and software that I have reviewed above. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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26 thoughts on “Popup Domination vs. OptinMonster vs. Thrive Themes

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  2. I really like these, I’ve been considering actually prioritizing my email list by maybe writing an eBook. I know a few readers have asked me to but I just haven’t done it – not to mention knowing how to actually promote it! They aren’t as pricey as I was worried about either, and I really like the design of Popup Domination especially 🙂 Thanks for reviewing 🙂

  3. I don’t know much about Popup Domination and I’ve been trying to find good information on it. This is super helpful!

  4. One of my main considerations is if the plugin is responsive functionality – over half of my website visitors come from mobile platforms, so it has to be responsive and be as effective on a mobile device.

    1. Alex, thanks for the comments and you are right. Mobile traffic is only going to keep increasing in the next few years. This is why I like Optin Monster’s mobile popup features so you can optimize popups for mobile devices.

    1. Cathy thanks for your comment. I am surprised to hear that you did not like ThriveThemes. I use ThriveThemes for Preston’s Corner and I love it. I am just wondering if you contacted support on the issues you encountered because I contacted them multiple times and they helped me fix the issues very quickly. What specific issues were you having with ThriveThemes?

  5. This website has been a blessing for me over the past couple of years. The information provided by Preston is detailed and informative, and an easy read to say the least. Keep up the good work Preston it is sincerely appreciated.

  6. Amazing post about the most useful popup plugins out there! It’s really helpful that you also discussed the features of each. Surely, it’s really important to capture emails. Plus, given the recent Google update that favors mobile-friendly sites, it also really helps to have a plug-in that is also mobile responsive.

    1. Aileen you are absolutely correct. Google loves responsive websites in general after their search engine algorithm update earlier this year. Responsive websites aren’t the future they are already here and having a popup that is responsive to any device is killer for growing anyone’s email list.

  7. Hi Preston Miller,

    For the longest time Popup Domination did seem to dominate.

    Looks like a strong current trend heading toward Optin Monster.

    What a comprehensive review.

    Great job!

    1. Frank thanks for the comment. I remember when Popup Domination was the only game in town and everybody was promoting them. I think each one of these solutions has it’s own pro’s and cons but I do like the new features that the team at Optin Monster are working on!

  8. Thanks for a well detailed comparison. As for me, I’m most likely going to go for OptinMonser. As people are browsing using more with their tablets and smart phones with bigger screens, OptinMonster would be a good choice.

    1. Mark thanks for your comment. Optinmonster is great for people who want to have popups that are responsive to any device. This is a powerful tool for any website owner or marketer!

  9. Hi Preston, thanks for the in depth review of these 3 services. I’m confused between Popup Domination and OptinMonster. Both have it’s own advantage and benefits and price range are almost same for both. I think Popup Domination is the right choice for my workers blog, what do you think?

  10. I blog frequently and I really appreciate your content.
    Your article has really peaked my interest. I am going to
    take a note of your site and keep checking for new information about once per week.
    I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  11. Hey Preston,

    Just started my blog not to long ago and I am really looking to become an authority with it. I am buying Optin Monster through your link because I was considering Pop-up domination but after reading your review I was like screw that!

    I respect what you do and even though I just stumbled here I appreciate honest reviews on any blog. If you can I would appreciate any help with Seo anything would be nice I am using Seo Yoast and it helps big time. Any further ideas into how the search engines work would be greatly appreciated.

    Ok I am getting Optin Monster now and even though its almost 2:00 Happy Memorial Day.

    Sam Nichelson

    1. Hey Sam,

      Thanks for the kind comments! I appreciate the input and I will put some SEO stuff in my content calendar for the near future. Thanks for purchasing through my affiliate link as it helps me purchase and review other products!


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