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This is an example of what you can do with Pixel Studio FX. You can take a graphic and customize and turn it into a 3d ebook quickly and easily. I made this cool ebook cover in under 2 minutes with Pixel Studio FX!

What in the world is Pixel Studio Fx?

Pixel Studio Fx is a graphic design software that is idiot proof for dummies like me who can't design with complicated software programs like Adobe Photoshop! I used to pay designers on Fiverr to create my ebook covers for my lead magnets and kindle ebooks. I would constantly have to go back and forth on revision after revision since the designers could not design what I wanted… but not anymore with Pixel Studio Fx. Watch my full video review below.

What Can You Do with the software?

I just purchased my copy of Pixel Studio Fx and this is a look inside the Members Area. I have never seen software that makes it this easy to pick, edit, and create ebook covers since EcoverAuthority was released a while back but this makes it even easier to do than Ecov´╗┐erAuthority! Just pick the design you like and then we can customize it in the next step.

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Now we get to choose which type of cover we want for our ebook. As you can see there are many variations from simple ebooks, to software boxes, to actual cd's, ipads, binders, and the list goes on and on but just pick the one you like best.

Screen Shot 2015 10 08 at 1.21.08 AM

Now you are going to edit the cover text of your ebook. Just click the text you want to change and edit it in the panel on the right side and click Apply. You can even click and drag the text around on the cover to get it exactly where you want it. Once you have your cover exactly how you want it then click the eye icon at the top to render the 3d cover.

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Now your cover is fully rendered and you have a few different options on the right side of the panel. I just wanted a basic evover so I just downloaded it but you can add background colors, add background images,  watermark your cover, and even add a reflection or a shadow. You can even easily share it on facebook, google, twitter, or pinterest.

Screen Shot 2015 10 08 at 1.23.55 AM

Below is my final ebook cover! Not bad for just a few minutes of work in Pixel Studio Fx. I used to have to pay fiverr designers $10-$20 to create my ebook covers but those days are over with Pixel Studio FX. I can't believe how easy it was to create this in the software. Check out the buy or pass verdict below.


Should You Buy Pixel Studio FX?



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100% Buy

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5 Stars

It's decision time and I have already purchased my copy of Pixel Studio FX because it's awesome AND it's going to save me some serious money! Like I said earlier I used to pay designers on Fiverr and other places around $10-$20 per ebook cover design so I can really see the value in this software since it will pay for itself quickly. If you DON'T need ecovers and you DON'T want to sell ecovers to clients then DON'T BUY THIS SOFTWARE but if you want to have better looking lead magnets or even sell them to clients for big bucks then grab your copy below with my killer bonuses! 

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Step 1: Grab your copy of Pixel FX Studio here – https://prestonscorner.com/pixelstudiofx

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Step 3: Enjoy creating those beautiful ebook covers!

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