OptinMonster Reviewed: Can It Really Get You More Leads?

Optinmonster review



The In-Depth OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster is one of the coolest WordPress plugins that exists. In just a few minutes you can have this software dialed in on your website and start collecting subscriber email addresses. This is extremely powerful when you consider other software suites that cost thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't be fooled – Optinmonster does so much more than just popups.


Mobile Optimized Popups

optin monster mobile

Yeah, mobile popups seem just like desktop and tablet popups but they are a different technology. The pros at Optinmonster have figured out how to make popups look sleek and sexy on mobile devices so you can get leads no matter what device your visitors are using. You can't ignore mobile traffic anymore since it's now even larger than desktop traffic and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


In-Post Conversion Points

optin monster in post call to action1

OptinMonster lets you have in-post offers for your white papers, video courses, and lead magnets. Imagine the power of people are reading your latest post and then they see your offer that is relevant to the topic they are reading and they download it right there. This is important because you can even segment your offers to show up on related category tags in WordPress so only specific posts see specific offers!

Page Slide In Conversion Forms

optin monster scroll boxes1

OptinMonster has an option to have a slide-in form which can be set by multiple factors. It can be set by scroll length (50% of page) or a basic timer (20 seconds)Slide-ins are a less intrusive way to get your offer in-front of website visitors compared to traditional popups since most people hate popups with a passion!


Split Test Multiple Popups

optin monster split test

A/B testing is essential to know which offers are working on your website. It's often referred to as “split testing” when you run multiple offers at the same time to see which one has a better conversion rate aka which one had more signups compared to the overall web traffic to a certain page. From my experience this software can cost hundreds of dollars per month to split test offers but it's included in Optinmonster.


The Cost of OptinMonster

optinmonster pricing graphic

OptinMonster is $9 per month to $29 per month which is a great value for what you get with the software. Click here to see it in action. I am using Thrive Themes on this site but if you don't want to mess with switching your whole website to a new platform then I recommend OptinMonster. In this Optinmonster review I showed you what I like about the software and how it's really an all in one software for increasing your subscribers and leads which is essential to your websites's survival.

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