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In this video, I'm gonna show you how to make money from your blog, and I'm gonna show you how to get the best WordPress blogging theme that is on the market right now.

So, Matthew Woodward has just revealed what WordPress theme that he is using. And this guy knows his stuff. He actually created a WordPress theme based on his blog. So I'm gonna show you what that is in a second, but let's look at his blog here, and you can see what you need and what you have. Obviously you got a layout, you got some links at the top, you've got the main header here, you've got site search. You've got the main menu with the different categories and links. You've also got some breadcrumbs, you've got the post title, you've got post author. You've got a lot of very important elements here.

And then of course, the side bar. You have him, who he is, a little bio. You've got different things that he wants to advertise, post, and other pages that he wants to push you to, which is all very important, because if you want to try and recreate this, or use something else to do this, it would take you lots of time, lots of money to hire developers to recreate all of this, okay? We're talking thousands of dollars, hours, tens of hundreds of hours of coding to really figure this all out here.

You've got different links in here. I'm not going to go into all the details, but what I am gonna do, is I'm gonna show you what the new theme is and what it looks like so you can see how well it would look for you, for your blog, if you wanted to check it out.

So, to get to this new theme, here's what you do. You go to And that will take you to my theme shop, where you can get the discounted price of the theme right now. It's normally $69. You can get it for less than that. And it's called Authority. So I wanted to show you guys, you're not just getting one theme. You're getting a few different themes. And what I really like about this is that other people on different websites, ThemeForest, they charge you per use, okay? So if you wanted to use it on five different websites, you'd have to pay a licensing fee for each one of those sites. With Authority here, you only pay once.

Look at this right here. “Use on unlimited websites”. Okay? So that's awesome. That's what you need if you're doing different sites or if you're managing websites. Here, you've got SEO ready, you've got speed optimized, and more importantly, you've got responsive, because that's a huge ranking signal now, as well as having a fast website.

So, let's go ahead and go on our route to here, and I'll show you the different themes you can use. So, what do you got here? You've got five different themes you can use. You have Default (Affiliate), you've got the Review site, you've got the Travel site, you've got the Tech, and the Shop sites here. You've also got a Squeeze Page that you can use, and I'll show you that here in a second.

So the Default, what is it? Let's look at this one. This is pretty much Matthew Woodward's blog. He's redone it all here. Let's get this up. This is pretty much Matthew Woodward's blog. So you can swap out any one of these different elements, and I've actually been playing around with this whole theme package here, and it's really easy to get everything dialed in. It's basically a few clicks. Which is really shocking, because I've had nightmares on ThemeForest before, just trying to get in demo content.

So look at this side bar. It looks very similar. You can put in your picture and your bio. Read more, you've got all of these cool different follow me buttons here on the sidebar. You can do sponsors, throw that in there. You've also got this, featured categories. You could have posts, dates, and the links here. And then of course, tags.

Let me jump into a post here so you can see what this looks like. Okay, so look at this. You've got … this one is a review. And look at all this data that you can throw in here. You've got the title, quality, awesomeness, SEO. This is a really cool little widget, that's what it is. They got shortcuts that are built in to these themes, where you can throw in different things like this. You've also got all the social icons here so they can … so people who get on your blog can share your post.

You can embed videos. Look at how perfect this is. This layout here where the video is embedded. It looks perfect. It looks like it should be there. On other blogs it doesn't look right.

Now this I really important. The data here for the headline and then the paragraph text, and even bulleting. There's nothing weird. The fonts look great. They've got a little dead image there. They need to fix that. But then as you go down here, you've also got the share buttons at the end of the post. Because at the top, not many people are gonna share at the very top. It shows it if they do, but at the bottom here, they've read your whole post, they've consumed it, and they will share.

N then of course, you've got related posts, about the author, and of course comments here. So this is really fantastic stuff. All of the key elements that you need on a blog. And look, you've also got this cool arrow here at the bottom that will push you back up to the top. But one other thing I want to show you really quick here is the footer. You've got it right here. You've got the theme, you've also got some other key links here.

So, let me go back. That is the Authority theme. You've also got the Review theme, which actually I really like. I've been playing around with this one, too. This is a great theme that I'm planning on using for a review site. You can see the stars of your review here. You've got a Facebook link here. You can swap all this out. You've got the social icons. This is perfect. This is everything that you would need for a key review site. Let's jump in here and I'll show you this one.

You guys can use the link and check it out on your own, Let me scroll down here and show you. Look at this. Look at this column. It's very similar, the layouts on all of these different themes. They're similar, but different. Look at how this header's different. You've also got site search, but you can take a look for yourself here and see. You can make out a different layout here of the featured posts that you want to put on here.

It just … these themes look really clean. And they do what they need to do. They give me the information, I'm searching for stuff, you're blogging about relevant content that people are searching for after you do your keyword research. You've got everything here.

Look at this, review title. You can put in whatever data you want in here. You can give it, excuse me, a four review score. And this is it, guess. Look at this. This is perfect. It's similar to the previous theme here. But let's check out another one here. Let's go into, excuse me, let's go back to the theme shop. And let's look at the Tech and the Travel one here. And of course the Shop, which is great for eCommerce. Let me get out of this.

Okay, so the Tech theme, this one's awesome. You've got a banner that you can put up here at the top, you've got some different links here. You've also got a shop link. This one's really cool if you're into tech, or you would be blogging about tech or other items. You've got a little bit different widgets here at the sidebar. You've got popular and recent posts. You've also got this next tab, which is really cool.

They've really thought through all of the different options on these sets of themes. Which, let me remind you, for the price here, this is a freaking steal, because you would be paying this price for one theme on ThemeForest, but with this, you get all of these different themes. It's one price, it's unlimited websites. Fantastic stuff here. Very similar.

Look at how clean this layout is here. You can put in images, you can embed videos. You can do what you need to do. You can get the point across with your content. Let's look at the travel one.

This one's really cool because if you drill down here into the posts, you can actually see it's got a map in here. Okay, no … yeah. It was this one. So, if you wanted to show off for this Authority Travel theme, if you wanted to show off different areas, if you're a travel blogger, you're going to different places, this is a cool way to embed maps into your blog posts. So I don't think I'll be using this one that much, but it's good to know that I have this feature if I ever need to, and I can put the sidebar, in this case, it's on the left side. You can also … you have different options here of where to put the sidebar. You've got no sidebar, you've got right page sidebar. So it's really flexible. You can do whatever you need to do. And finally here, we've got the Authority Shop theme.

Look at this. You can throw this theme up there, throw your products on there, and have people just get on here and add them to cart. Look at this. Look at how simple this is. Added it to cart, look at that. It tells me I've added it. I can just view the cart. And check out. So you can add your products. It's really simple. I played around with this one as well. Very simple, but more importantly, you can also add coupons. You can give out coupons to your subscribers and add them in, and actually have them check out.

So that is Matthew Woodward, the seven figure blogger, revealing his theme. He's actually created his own. How do you get it? It's That's my affiliate link. I will receive a small commission, but if you buy through my link, I'd really appreciate it. It helps me bring you the latest and greatest content every week. So go ahead and do that. Pick up this theme and start blogging. Start getting traffic to your site and converting them. This is … I've loved his site for a long time. He really knows what he's doing. He's … it's just so easy to read. I constantly read his … every time he sends out an email, I'm on his blog. It's just so simple.

He's also using another plugin for lead generation here. Which, if you try to exit, I've already done it here, so it's not gonna pop up for me, but it's called Thrive Leads. That's the other one that he uses, and I use it on my site. It's a great plugin to capture visitors' information as they come on your site.

So that is the secret to WordPress blogs that you need to use. It's Authority theme. It's by Matthew Woodward, the seven figure blogger. That's all I've got for you guys this time. Go ahead, buy the theme, put it up on your website. And hey, leave a comment below. I'd love to see your website, I'd love to see what you've done with the theme, how you've customized it. And I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video. If you liked this video, hey, be sure to subscribe. If you didn't like ti, hey, thumbs down the video. But if you did like it, be sure to give me a thumbs up. If you have any questions, comments, or anything else, please leave a comment below and I'll look at it and hep you. So thank you so much. I'll see you guys in the next video.

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