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This week I speak with Kindlepreneur Dave Chesson who is an Amazon Kindle author and expert. He runs the blog Kindlepreneur (a play on words of “Kindle” and “Entrepreneur”)  but before you start asking where are all the books by Dave on Kindle? Please note that he does not publish books under his own name. He uses a pen name for his different books to show that his strategies work no matter who you are. He has sold tons of books on the kindle platform and on this week's podcast he shares the secrets with everyone. We talk about increasing book sales, marketing strategies, on-demand printing, kindle SEO, and much much more. Listen to the full episode below and don't forget to subscribe to get the latest updates in your

IngramSpark Vs CreateSpace

on demand book printing

Should you get your book printed on-demand from Createspace (a Amazon company) or Ingramspark? Read Dave's blog post on the matter here.Having a physical book order option for your kindle book is another way to sell more books.


Choosing Keywords

photodune 1233301 typewriter keywords s
kindle keywords

kindle keywords

How do you know what keywords to use for your own books? Kindle keywords are essential when it comes to self publishing. Choose the wrong ones and you are screwed but if you choose the right ones then you are in the money. Check out Dave's post on the matter here.


Promoting Your Ebook

amazon kindle book promotion

Check out Dave's promotional strategies for your Kindle books and websites to promote your book on. Some of them only work if your book is on a free promotion but others work no matter what. Some of them are paid promotional sites and others choose if they will promote your book or not based on content etc.


Book Description Generator

kindle book description generator

Dave has created this awesome book description generator tool on his website. You can check it out here to create your own book descriptions quickly and easily.


Kindle Spy Research Software


The software we talk about in the episode is Kindle Spy which is a great software used for eBook research and sales tracking. It's also great for category analysis on Amazon for finding good categories for your next book.


>>> Check Out Kindle Spy

kindle spy

kindle spy

kindle spy

Author Resources

author resources dave chesson

Want more author resources? Check out Dave's list of resources that you can use to sell more books here.


>>> Sell More Books

Dave's Latest Project – Kindle Rocket

This is a new software product that is in the works by Dave Chesson to automate the research that Dave does on all his books manually. He says that his process takes a few hours but this new software will automate the process. Be sure to check out the site Kindle Rocket to get notified by Dave when this software goes live.


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Kindle Rocket


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