Internet of Things in 2014 and Beyond

Internet of Things Technology in 2014 is actually different from the technology we all knew ten years ago. This is in regards to the internet of things that has analysts predicting that a paradigm shift will occur or rather, has started to occur. The internet of things actually pertains to the concept of internet enabled devices that are more often than not connected to the internet where data gets to be gathered and reported to a user. Since we are already in the era of smart devices, we get to see that laptops, tablets and smartphones communicate easily with each other through the use of Wi-Fi Internet Technology and with time, all this will be harnessed in such a way that they can communicate with other gadgets in your home. Consider a situation where machines feeds back information to the production line, which leads to problems getting solved before they advance to critical levels. What about rooms that immediately adjust to your preference immediately you walk in? This is in regards to the stereo that turns on and tunes to your favorite station or lights adjusting to your color preference. These and many more are associated with the internet of things and in essence, this technology will make things easy for a lot of people and the advantages will most likely outweigh the disadvantages. phones For all this to be actualized, three stages ought to be passed. The first one involves getting many devices into the network and this is in regards to enabling sensors and processors in objects that we use every day. We also need to introduce a number of wireless networks that will assist in extracting any data sent from the processors that are already in existence. The second step is to ensure that all the devices co-ordinate with each other where tasks that do not require human intervention are involved. The third step is to not forget that they are systems that will need programming, the same way one can install software and run them in computers and smartphones. Once this is done, there will of course be more productivity among people and the enhancement of their lives will be observed. This is in regards to hospitals, industries and homes among many other areas. In actual sense the internet of things will in turn make people go about their activities effortlessly and this is because data will be flowing constantly.




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