7 Reasons to Use Infographics on Your Site

I am surprised that there are not more infographics on the internet today. Everybody knows that they exist but not everyone knows why they should be using infographics on their website. So I wanted to tell you the 7 reasons why you should be using infographics.

7 reasons why you should use infographics

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Infographic Data Sources

Research about online shares is from Social Bakers post here.

Infographic submission directories can be found at Quicksprout here.

Infographic data about backlinks & Google's Algorithm are from the Backlinko's blog here.

Want to Create Your Own Infographics?

If you want to create your own infographic then you have a few different options that I have compared below. You could do it yourself, hire infographic designers, or use an infographic template.

The 3 Ways to Create Infographics

Do It Yourself

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Creating your own infographic takes forever assuming you have the technical know how.

Hire Designers

Infographic designers charge hundreds of dollars for a single infographic design.

Use A Template

Preformatted infographic templates allow you to create infographics quickly and easily.

There are a couple problems with infographics that I wanted to address. If you try to create them yourself they can take hours to create and if you try to outsource them on a site like Upwork or 99 Designs it can cost hundreds of dollars for a single infographic! If only there was some sort of infographic template that you could use and then modify for your own infographic. I am happy to announce that now there is a solution to this problem. My friends June Ashley and Kayte Lee have created some killer infographic templates that are in Photoshop and Indesign that you can use for your own infographics.

Create Infographics with these Templates

June Ashley and Kayte-Lee's new product contains 15 done-for-you infographic templates are created in Photoshop and InDesign so that you can easily edit them for your own infographic designs. They are offering 15 templates for just $17 which is a tremendous value and I even used one of their templates for the infographic in this post. I would definitely recommend that you at least check them out.

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