How to Start A Blog That Actually Makes Money

how to Start Your Own Blog

So You Want To Learn How to Start a Blog That Makes Money?

There are many successful blogs all over the internet and you might be surprised to discover that it is not difficult to to learn how to start a blog. It is fairly simple to build a spectacular website that attracts much attention and traffic. You will want to have your prospective customers take action when they browse through it. There are some items that will make your website and you blog interesting and appealing. These items include:

  • Great and Unique Content
  • A Central Focus or a Theme:
  • Visually Appealing Design
  • Great Images & Visuals
  • Your Unique Personality
  • Good SEO & Keyword Research

When you are starting to create your blog, it will be a good idea to keep these items in mind if you want to monetize your blog which is natural since there are costs involved including web hosting, design fees, software, and other things that come up.

The Creation of Your Blog

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This will be the fun part. I remember when Preston's Corner was in the creation phase. It was very exciting dreaming about the blog's future and what it would become in the future. You need to expand your horizons and begin to let your creativity flow. The following steps should help you to get on your way to a successful and fulfilling blog.

  1. Choose your domain name (A Great Domain Name is essential)
  2. Choose a web host to keep your site online
  3. Getting Your Blog Online
  4. Continue to familiarize yourself with practice and reading the instructions
  5. Start Writing Blog Posts!


The set up of your blog website will be the most difficult part of the process. Getting your web hosting to connect with your domain name and web server. There are also a database called SQL which is what will run your WordPress site. I recommend Siteground webhosting and these guys offer personalized support for your website. They can help you start a new website or transfer  your site from your current host. They have a 24/7 support phone support line incase you have any questions about your site. The best part is they only cost 3.95/month for the starter plan.

Siteground Webhosting

There are so many different ways to create a blog that one has to ask themselves many technical and software questions like

  • Which CMS will the blog run? (WordPress or another one?)
  • Which Theme should I use for the blog? (There are over 10,000+ Themes to choose from)
  • How will I connect with visitors? (social media? email? Youtube?)
  • How can I capture visitors emails? (Which email marketing solution is best?)

When you choose a web host there may be a fee. Every web host will have instructions and a help contact service. I use 1and1 hosting and it costs me about $5.99 which is not bad considering their uptime is 99.9%.

The Purpose of Your Blog

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You will need to have a purpose for your successful blog that is in the works. Are you going to offer information? What does your target audience look like? Are you planning on advertising on your blog? These will be good questions to ask yourself. A blog can be very successful and there cab be a large amount of money made through effective blogging. The following tips might prove helpful:

*Have a blogging plan

*Follow through on an exceptional plan

*Connecting with others in your niche


Achieve Success Through These Components

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A blog that really works well and will achieve a high rate of success will have a few of the same components. It is more than possible to reap the benefits of an exceptional blog. A good blog can be a career for anyone when they have these essential elements. The components that are needed include:

*A good setup
*Great content
*Strong and bold marketing


Make it Useful for Readers

This will go along while you are learning how to start a blog. The reader may need to have a need met. The useful information should benefit your audience. It might be a product that you are selling. The product may benefit your target audience or your potential customer. You might be offering useful information. You may be delivering exactly what the reader wants or needs. They will come back if you are creating some compelling content.


Have Some Fun

Remember if Start Your Own Blog and are not having fun then you are not doing it right! Have a good time as you create your successful dream blog! There is no need to complicate your blog or website. You will find that success will come naturally if you follow these steps.

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So now you have learned how to start a blog that makes money. I would love to check out your blog so let's talk in the comments below.


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