How to Sell Video to Local Businesses

How to Sell Video to Local Businesses

So You Want To Learn How to Sell Video to Local Businesses? You may have thought about selling your web video to a local business but there is a certain way to do it as you will have to convince the business that your video is good enough. If you posses the talent in making good marketable videos you can make good amount of money by selling them to a business. A survey has revealed that businesses have now adopted web videos as a way of communicating with the customers.


So when you are out to sell your videos to a company you have to literally convince the business that it cannot do without you’re your videos. You will come across may businesses in the local market who have not yet adopted this method of marketing and you should simply target them. The are many consultancy firms who are helping other businesses grow by expanding their operation in to other markets and they are making use of online videos to the fullest.


Step By Step: How to sell videos to local businesses.


How to Sell Video to Local Businesses

Step #1: Show Off Your Skills

You should start out by building your very own website and put a couple of videos on it. This will help potential customers understand the concept of online videos and plus they will get a good insight into the kind of work you can provide. Also this shows people that you are a pro and not just another amateur trying to screw them over on price.

Step #2: Decide Your Target Niche

Try to locate a niche that has not been tapped into yet. The restaurant industry and the lodging sectors are big niches that can use such services to a great extent but I have found it hard to tap into big companies since they have big marketing departments that should be doing this. It kind of goes like

Step #3: Your Website AKA (Lead Machine)

Everything revolves around your own website where you will send your prospects to because people will want to see the types of videos you create. The best way to to this is via your own website and generate lead traffic to your site depending on your niche.

Step #4: Find Businesses That Have A Website

A website that looks good probably has a website owner who values this marketing tool and will spend money making it better. It will certainly help if the business owner or website owner understands the importance of video as a tool for marketing. Do not forget to pitch to customers who do have websites; in fact encourage them to make their own websites and include videos on them.

Step #5: Find Businesses Who Need Your Video

Do some research on the websites of your clients and create videos that will showcase how useful it will be for the clients. You need to put all your marketing strategy in to the video and convince the clients on the aspects that they need to focus on. Make sure video is able to send a message to the clients that it can help them solve a problem. Try to include video testimonials, video sales notifications, demos, site tours and welcome videos. You do not have to always target big business ideas; in fact you can target the smallest idea and highlight the profitability in it. The whole idea of the video is to inform the market that how unique the product or services offered by the company is.

Step #6: Highlight The Benefits

This aspect is very important as the success of your video will depend on how well you can convince the customers that your video is exactly what they need to give their business the boost to reach the next level. Highlight the fact that your video will also help the customers websites get excellent rankings on the various search engines.


Your video ideas should not be intimidating in fact they should give the customers the feeling that they can achieve greater success without much difficulty at all. The structure of the video must be kept simple so that it can be understood very easily. There is no doubt that video is a very important tool in marketing a business to a wider market. This can be used to help a local business to expand its customer base in the local market to earn higher revenue. Many businesses are adopting this method every day.

So if you go through the tips mentioned above you can sell your videos to local businesses without any trouble at all. Follow this tips and reach your target audience easily.


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