How to Sell Ebooks

How to Sell Ebooks Online Effectively

Once you realize that millions of ebooks are sold each day on the internet you might think about how to sell ebooks online to make some money. While the figures seem astounding, new authors can have difficulty selling their newly created ebooks. However, with the right marketing plan, an ebook author can not only reach a wide audience but can also generate impressive sales and therefore profits. If you are a new or existing ebook writer looking to boost your sales, then here are 8 easy steps on how to sell ebooks online that you should consider.

Step 1: Design a Killer eBook Cover

Designing a killer book cover is the first step you take when trying to sell your ebook. If your photoshop skills aren’t to scratch, then hiring a graphic designer to create your ebook, can be make or break your chances of hitting good sales number. A killer ebook cover is all about having a catchy title that is incorporated into the cover as well as having great visuals. You want to get a designer that understands what you are looking for and if you are not sure then just browse amazon kindle's best seller's list for some great looking covers.

Step 2: Giveaway Free Copies For a Limited Time

Giving away free ebooks for a limited time is one of the best ways of garnering free publicity and reviews. Normally, this is one of the first steps that you have perform when promoting your material. If your ebook has quality content, then the lucky people who receive your free copy will likely leave good reviews and recommendations. If you are a new author looking to break the competitive ebook market, then you can use this method to get to build your reputation as an expert wordsmith. Ultimately, giving out your book for free, though for a limited period, can help you build the right kind of buzz you need to push your ebook sales to another level.

Step 3: Which Price is Right?

Making a decision on what pricing strategy to take is the third step you ought to take in the quest to pushing your ebook sales. If you are a new author, then pricing your books lowly is the right strategy to adopt at first. This is because your name isn’t trusted yet, meaning people won’t pay premium for your book initially at least. In the end, you can adopt a different pricing strategy once you are an established author. A new trend in ebooks is to give away a shorter version of your ebook on the amazon kindle store or on your blog to entice readers into buying your complete ebook version.

Step 4: Expert Testimonials

Getting an expert testimonial from public figures or influencers is the fourth step that you need to take, if you want to boost your ebook sales. You should therefore strive to get to get the right kind of influencer to endorse your ebook. One of this easiest ways of doing this is to use a number of paid services out there but then again sending an email to an influencer and attaching a free copy of your book could not hurt anything! Don't just ask for a testimonial try to offer your desired expert some value of your own so they don't just think you are using them. Remember in order to be successful you have to help others 🙂

Step 5: Social Media Engagement

The fifth step you need to take in a bid to push your ebook sales is to simply create social media profiles like Facebook, twitter or linked for your ebook. With billions of people trooping to social networking sites every day, these channels can provide a unique opportunity to market your ebook. However, make sure that you interact and build relationship with your audience first.

Step 6: Your Ebook Landing Page

The sixth step that you need to take involves creating a website or landing page where customers can buy your ebook. A landing page should have a simple design with easy payment options for better conversion rates. One of the most popular payment providers is paypal due to the easy of integration and simplicity of the platform. You can just grab some code from your account dashboard and start accepting Paypal payments in minutes. Remember to secure your ebook download page so people can not download your ebook without paying. Your landing page should also have a simple email capture form where you can build an email list for future promotion opportunities. This would integrate with your email marketing service and is simple to do if done properly. Additionally, you can boost your ebook sales by creating and uploading videos on both your website and on social networking sites like YouTube.

Step 7: Kindle Direct Publishing

The seventh step to take involves publishing your ebook on Amazon. Simply put, Amazon is the largest ebook marketplace in the world, meaning that if your ebook isn’t on the platform, then you are probably missing out on a gold mine. Amazon can make you hundreds to thousands of dollars daily if you can figure out the right promotion strategy.

Step 8: It's Promotion Time

If you don't promote your ebook then nobody knows it exists! Promoting your ebooks on influential blogs is the last vital step that you have to take to stay ahead of the game. With the right kind of effort, you can contact influential bloggers and request for a review of your ebook. Most of them charge for the service but it’s totally worth it. If your ebook is positively reviewed and recommended by many influential bloggers, then expect a good amount of sales as a result.

So there you have it how to sell ebooks online in just eight easy steps. Once you run through these steps a few times it becomes easier to create ebooks and you become faster at the process. Just stick with it and you will be a pro writing your own ebooks and selling them online for a profit in no time!

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