How to Leverage Video Marketing in 2020

Video is everywhere. It's on our mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and of course tvs. People are consuming video content like crazy and the trend doesn't is projected to keep growing BUT how can your brand leverage video content? How can you create video content that gets your more leads and ultimately sales? In this video blog post I discuss the different options available these days to create video content.


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Hey, everybody. It's Preston here from Preston's Corner. In case you haven't noticed, video is taking over. I'm talking YouTube. I'm talking Facebook Live. I'm talking Snapchat. It's everywhere. In fact, YouTube has over a billion users. There's hundreds of hours of videos uploaded every second on YouTube. Here's a stat that will blow your mind. 90% of content will be video in 2020. That's crazy because it's already 2017. That's just a few years away.

People online are consuming more video. They're using it in purchase decisions. Hell, even Amazon has a video on their homepage. Last time I went there, there's a girl in a dress spinning around, okay? This is going to be huge for eCommerce. There's going to be video product reviews where people are going to be showing you products in 3D imaging. I mean it's just out of control. The product reviews on YouTube alone are insane.

This video is all about how can you leverage the power of video? What are you supposed to do? You know you need video, but how can you do it? I mean, shit, I'm sitting here in a home studio that I've spent probably about $5,000 on. I've got lights. I've got a camera. I've got a freaking huge backdrop system. I've got another light right here. I've got boom mics. I've got teleprompter systems. I've got a ton of stuff, okay? But guess what? You don't need all this stuff. What do you really need to get started in this kind of video production? How do you get your content out there?

You need a camera. You need good sounding audio. If you just have those two things alone, you'll be above like 90% of these people on here. I'm shocked at the amount of video that I see online of people that they're doing a lot of these things right. They've got a lot of good stuff, but they just don't get it. Their audio sounds horrible. Their video qualities grainy. I even saw one video the other day on a Facebook Live stream where a guy was doing a selfie video, and he actually went into the bathroom, didn't cut the feed, and was using the restroom while still on Facebook Live trying to talk to the camera. Crazy! Don't do that. I know you guys aren't going to do that.

Now if you don't have the time, the money to buy a system or get it going, you could use your cell phone, or you can actually hire me. That's right. I've been doing some videos for some people lately, and it's kind of been blowing up. I hate to start bragging here, but I've been doing some videos, people have been liking them. I've done about 15 videos so far. I've got this set up all dialed in. If you want me to go on camera and be your video spokesperson, then hey, you can buy my services on my website Just go there. There's a tab on the site. Services. Go down to the video gig and shoot me a message. We'll talk about what you need and how you can do it.

Doing videos, there's a lot that goes into it. It's not just having all this equipment like what I've got here. And some of even know me have seen my studio before, it's about having the right planning, the procedures in place, having everything set up so that you can come in here, turn it on, boom. I'm ready to go. I'm in the zone. I don't have to then reset everything up, put it back. No, I'm done. Having the right scripts, I've got a computer here. I've got some of my notes on this computer where if I forget anything I could just look at the computer, remember what I'm going to say, and just cut that out and keep going.

There you have it guys. Those are some options you could do to start creating videos. It's 2017. You need to get going on video. It already is huge. It's going to be even bigger. You know a lot of these guys who are just doing text on websites and have a lot of written content, you've going need to adapt that content, or you're going to die. It might be overnight. It'll be a slow decline, okay? You have to adapt. Video it's a thing. It's here. It's happening. You've got to jump on the video bandwagon, or you're going to go down at some point or another.

So what do you need to do? I want to have actionable stuff for you to take away on this video. Number one, if you want to start creating your own videos, then get a camera. Use your cell phone if you need to. You can a little baby tripod on Amazon for like 10, 15 bucks. There you go. You set it up. You start recording. You need good video content. Don't just throw trash up there, have good content. Upgrade your audio. Get some mics. There's mics that hook into smartphones, iPhones, androids now. Where you can plug them in. It'll upgrade your sound quality. You'll sound fantastic.

Now if you do not want to record your own videos, you can hire me. I'll be your video spokesperson. It's really cheap. I'll help you with the script. I've got all this huge set up here. I've also got a green screen. I can produce whatever you need. Just let me know. Shoot me a message.

There you have it, everybody. Video is going to be huge in 2017. Hey, thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe on YouTube or visit I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.

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