How to Get YouTube Subscribers: 5 Strategies That Work 2020

“And don't forget to subscribe to my channel”.  I'm sure you've noticed most videos on YouTube include this type of message or something similar to that. And it's really no surprise. Subscribers are the base of your channel. They are the ones who are going to help you boost your views and share your videos. You get it. Subscribers are important.

The question that naturally follows is

“How to get YouTube subscribers for my channel?”

Well, I'm going to show you 5 ways that will help you increase your subscribers, so keep on reading.

Here are 5 Youtube Marketing Strategies That Work

  1. Upload videos frequently

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Consistency is key.

You can't be a one-hit wonder if you want to build an audience of loyal viewers. No one says it's easy to upload quality videos on a regular basis, but it's the best way to develop a long-lasting relationship with your viewers. For the best results, you should try to:

  • Post a video once a week or at least twice a month.
  • Release your videos on a recurring schedule (always on Friday for instance).
  • Keep your promises, and upload your videos accordingly to the schedule.
  1. Produce evergreen content

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Creating evergreen content normally takes more time and effort, but the results often make it worthwhile. Quality evergreen videos provide real value and will remain relevant irrespective of the time, so your viewers will definitely appreciate this type of videos. Just makes sure your work is truly engaging and has all the qualities to withstand the test of time before you publish it.

I still have 3 more strategies I want to share so I can properly answer your question: How to get YouTube subscribers for my channel?

  1. Customize your channel

Having a customized YouTube channel means viewers will immediately be able to recognize your channel. It's like seeing a familiar face in a huge crowd of strangers. It's nice.

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YouTube offers a lot more homepage customization options than most people think. It's important to claim your space on the web and make the most of available customization features if you want to build a brand identity and look trustworthy. Pick some colors that best represent your brand and use them constantly along familiar imagery and typography.

  1. Create a captivating trailer

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A lot of people asked me this question: How to get YouTube subscribers for my channel? Sometimes, it's as easy as making a good first impression.

First impressions are as important on YouTube as they are in real life. One of the first things your unsubscribed viewer will see when they come to your channel is your channel trailer and description. To make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity, you should create an engaging trailer that is both informative and entertaining to explain what you're all about. It's usually best to keep it short, 30 to 60 seconds.

  1. End your videos on a positive note

The right attitude can help you turn viewers into subscribers, fast. Saying goodbye with a smile on your face and speaking with confidence will send out the right vibe, which is vital when it comes to establishing a relationship with your viewers.

And instead of just saying “Subscribe to my channel”, you might want to consider creating an outro and adding video annotations for a “Subscribe” button.


2 thoughts on “How to Get YouTube Subscribers: 5 Strategies That Work 2020”

  1. Hi Preston, Thanks for sharing this informative post. I agree that produce evergreen content. Content should be useful and unique. You need to create content that is engaging and informative. Always start your videos with an interesting hook which will make people want to continue watching the rest of the video. Always use original content. If you use someone else’s content, your video will not be engaging enough, not to mention that you may end alienating people.

    If you desire to get the maximum number of subscribers on your Youtube channel. Never forget SEO for YouTube marketing. Always Optimize Video Descriptions & Use Keywords in Video Title. Use Tubebuddy to handle Youtube SEO activities easily.

    One of the most important hacks for getting more subscribers on YouTube is to add a strong call to action (CTA) at the end of your videos. A CTA is where you close the deal and encourage people to do something. In your case you want them to click the subscribe button, so why not encourage them to do that right before they leave.

    Another way to get viewers to subscribe to your channel is to work with other channels as a collaboration. working with others, especially if their account is already established, can be a great way to promote your channel. Doing so exposes you to a whole new audience of people who might not know you exist. And so as your visibility increases, your subscribers will too.

    Embed your videos in sites like Reddit, Sharing your content in niche communities, Paid Campaigns, Sponsored your content and outreach to different niche bloggers, and ask them to include your videos in their relevant posts are some other strategies that can be used to increase youtube subscribers.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative and interesting. Thanks

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