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If you are creating online videos or other presentation then finding royalty free and legal music for them may not be easy unless you make extensive efforts to find the stock of professional music, songs or audio for this purpose. While creating a master piece online video by using the best and perfect musical soundtrack you may not like to break any law including copyright law as it will make your creation illegal. Moreover violation of music copyright will compel you to be frustrated as your hard work of creating a marvellous video will not be honoured by any legal display site including YouTube. So to avoid this frustration you must know how to find royalty free audio for your online videos.

You can find professional sound effects like SFX etc to use for decorating your videos with free music. Searching the categorized audio libraries like inspirational, cinematic, corporate, orchestral, ambient and electronic can also be a good option to find music for your videos. You can also download high quality audio files in WAV format for this purpose. But you must keep in mind while using these resources to get free music for your videos that it may or may not be royalty free. You must know the meaning of royalty free music before using any resource in this respect. The music that is offered by anyone licensed by Creative Commons for using in any online video or any other creation is known as royalty free music.

Check Out These 10 FREE Audio Resources

There are a number of music libraries and archives which can offer royalty free audio for using in any online creation. Some of the websites can also be used as great source of getting royalty free audio to complete your video project with perfect music. Brief information about the websites offering royalty free music is provided in this write-up for your consideration.

Resource #1: DanoSongs

You can find free downloadable songs at originally sung by the composer and singer Dan-O. But in order to use these songs freely in your online project you will have to give him credit or give a link to his website in your video.

Resource #2: Incompetech

It is one of the websites that offer royalty free music of various places. The composer Kevin Macleod had created this website loaded with tons of his go-to places music categorized by feel and genre. You can know about the free availability of the music on this site for using in the soundtrack of your video through its FAQ. You only have to place a credit for Kevin in your video. Though the Silent Film Score section of this website includes the tracks of My Favorite music but you can find great music of all types including polka, horror, pop, rock and whatever you want in between at this website.

Resource #3: Free Soundtrack Music

You can find royalty free music tracks at to use in your YouTube videos, films, games and other creations produced for multimedia display. Though most of the music available on this website is labelled as free but still you may have to pay for some of its music files. You can easily download free as well as paid music from this website to use in your online videos.

Resource #4: MobyGratis

You can check at to find the music of a well known artist Moby Gratis if you want to use it in your videos without paying any licensing fee. He has provided his music on this website for free downloading and using anywhere you want. But if you want use his music free in your film or video, it should non-profiting or non-commercial.

Resource #5: PartnersInRhyme

You can get all types of great free audios including sound effects, midi files and music loops etc at this website. Though they offer lots of free music loops along with full-length tracks to download free of cost but you may have to pay for some of their royalty free stuff while downloading them.

Resource #6: ccMixter

You can find lots of music under the Creative Commons license at this community music site. They allow you to listen to sample music to use it as per your choice or create mashups. But you may have to give credit in your videos to some of the audios under Creative Common license.

Resource #7: PublicDomain4U

No intellectual property right is considered to be attached to any content if it falls into public domain either due to its forfeiture or the expiry of the rights. You can use any content of Public Domain including video and music in your nine videos or as your wish. So to find and download public domain music Public Domain 4U can be used as a great site. Lots of old music, whose copyright was never renewed like the music of early 1900s, automatically falls in public domain. But you can also find lots of modern music free at this website with the permission of their creators.

Resource #8: PacDV

You can find free sound effects and music at this website. You can use these tracks in your audios, films, videos and other multimedia projects free of cost. You only have to list them in your credits or link back to their website to use their tracks free.

Resource #9: Beatpick

You can find a great selection of licensed music at this website to download it free f you are using it in your non-profit or non-commercial videos or films. You only have to select Non Commercial projects after clicking on License Song to choose the song you want to use in your video.

Resource #10: Musopen

Like Public Domain 4U it is another website that offers free music with expired copyright. According to the about page of this website they provide textbooks, sheet music and recordings free to the public without any restriction of copyright. You can find music of your choice on the basis of performer, composer, period, form or instrument at this site. If you love classic music for your video then this site is the best option for you.


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