How to Do Edit Your Own Green Screen Videos On A Budget Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my DIY green screen tutorial! In part 2 I explore how to edit your own videos with software on your very own computer. There are tons of software options to edit your own videos but I use Camtasia for a couple reasons.


camtasia studio
Camtasia lets you record your screen, powerpoint, & audio.


The reason I love Camtasia is because it can do multiple things and it does them all well! Record your screen with Camtasia then edit your video without ever leaving the software. Here is a list of a few of their key features

  • Make Computer Screen Recordings On The Fly
  • Record Audio Only (Comes In Handy for Podcasts)
  • Edit Your Videos Professionally on the Timeline
  • ***Edit Green Screen Videos***

Edit Green Screen

Camtasia Green Screen Editing


With Camtasia editing your green screen videos is as easy as one click. Just import the clip onto the timeline and you are practically done! If you still see green around yourself then you can adjust the tolerance and softness to get rid of the green edges.

bg changes

Now all you have to decide is where you want to be since you can be anywhere with your new software skills. I would advise that you pick a background that is relevant to your video topic. I used a couple different backgrounds in my video to show the capabilities of the software.

Video Export Options

Camtasia Export Options

Camtasia give you multiple options to export your videos including screencast, google drive, youtube, onedrive, or to your own computer. It also let's you export your video in multiple quality ranges from 480p to ultra high def 1080p.

Remember It's Not That Hard

Editing a green screen video is not that hard but it does take some time to figure how to use the software correctly. I hope you guys enjoyed part 2 of this series and I look forward to seeing your own green screen videos. I can't wait to shoot some more videos but if you have any tips or tricks please leave a comment below.





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