How To Begin Recruiting Affiliates for Your Product or Service

recruiting affiliates for partnerships

If you are already running an online business but not getting desired response of sales then your first priority should be to recruiting affiliates to promote your products or services. Here are some affiliate recruitment tips are provided in this write-up to help you in this regard if you are new to your industry.

Finding & Recruiting of Super Affiliates

The recruitment of one or two super affiliates can make a big change in the sales of your products or services. In order to ensure super affiliate recruitment you must know who can be a supper affiliate? The affiliates who can make most of your sales by adding value to their sale process and market appeal of the products or services are known as super affiliates. Though you can find a number of established super affiliates in the market but if you are unable to find one even the you can create from your existing affiliates by selecting and promoting some of the high performers on your penal. Finding a super affiliate can be a bit tricky job. It you already have an

Finding Super Affiliates affiliate program listed on various directories, created optimized pages for affiliate program with niche keyword and joined a network actively then it can be easy for you to find super affiliates by searching on a search engine. Referrals from friends in affiliate world can also help you in this regard. But if you are unable to find one even after all serious efforts then search on various websites and paid advertisements on Google to find one who can increase the sales of your products or services on the basis of his skills. While recruiting a super affiliate you will have to him personal attention to keep them motivated to give effective results. In fact a super affiliate needs someone to direct him, make alterations and get the things done by working with him.

Join Large Affiliate Networks

The affiliate recruitment process can also be made easy by joining large affiliate networks as affiliates promote products on affiliate networks. Super affiliates prefer affiliate networks due to easy tracking of sales and other various analytics. You will be instantly exposed to large number of member affiliates to offer them incentives for promoting your products or services by joining you. But before joining an affiliate network you should consider certain things like:

  • Number of affiliates in the network
  • Average rate of conversion of the affiliates
  • Features like payment options, discounts and feed backs etc. offered by the affiliates

In fact you should keep in mind that instead of recruiting more affiliates you should recruit few of them on the basis of their qualities to give you the best business. You should give them better terms of services to keep them loyal to your affiliate network. So you can increase your exposure to the affiliates by spending some time by joining larger affiliate networks. The largest affiliate networks include Linkshare, CJ, Amazon Affiliates, Avangate, Ebay, Clickbank, Shareasale, and Flexoffers to name a few.

Affiliate Tools Page

Affiliate recruitment of potential affiliates can also be ensured by creating Affiliate Program pages on the business website and use it as a tool to recruit new affiliates to your affiliate programs for promoting the sale of your products or services. But while creating page for affiliate program you should make a solid, practical and motivating program for the affiliates by previewing it and providing attractive options for the affiliates. Any laxity in this regard can lead to lose the opportunity of affiliate recruitment. Most of the affiliates check the website of the merchant while searching for affiliate opportunities based on specific merchant. So while creating a page for affiliate program you should make it exactly as they want it to be.

Recruiting Affiliates With  E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is among the most effective methods commonly used by online merchants for affiliate recruitment for increasing the sales of their products or services. The managers of affiliate programs should create attractive and easy-to-follow emails for recruiting new affiliates for boosting their business. These emails should have following features

Professional: Your email should be professional but easy-to-understand so instead of using texts to make the email look exclusive you should use easy words. It should also not look like a scheme for becoming rich as soon as possible as your aim is not to make the affiliate rich but to promote the sales of your products or services by providing genuine incentives to your affiliates.

Personalized: You should include the name and website URL of the person or his company to whom you are addressing the email to give a personalized touch to your email.

Concise: Use brief sentences in the email marketing for attracting affiliates.

Concrete: You should be specific while expressing your ideas about the affiliates to be partner with you and promote your products or services in your email

Attractive: From start to end your email should be attractive enough to encourage the affiliates to respond it by signing up with your program. Your entire correspondence should be enticing and attractive.

Recruiting Affiliates With Advertising

By using PPC or pay per click or other advertisement campaigns in search engine optimization can also help in making affiliate recruitment easy. You can produce affiliate signups in large quantity through this method but the quality of these affiliates cannot be ensured unless you focus yourself to find out super affiliates by spending time and money in this respect.

You can recruit affiliates by creating a page on your website by explaining the advantages affiliates can enjoy after joining your affiliation program. Moreover if you are using an affiliate platform or you are the part of an affiliate network then you should remember to include a sign-up form with your page.

Easy availability of large number of affiliate recruitment and availability of affiliates of your targeted niche are the main advantages of doing PPC campaigns and other such ad programs. Moreover the involvement of considerable amount of money is the main disadvantage of this paid advertisement method for recruiting new affiliates. But the things can give positive results if they managed professionally according to the situation.

Recruiting Affiliates With Commissions

Most times affiliates earn 50% or even 75% of the sale when they promote your product. What if I told you that you should offer affiliates 100% commission on your product. No, I'm not crazy but why would you offer them 100% of your sale while you get 0% of your product? Simple even though you are not making money selling your product you are building an asset. The asset would be an email list of the buyers of your product because you can then market similar products to them. You can easily market them a similar service by knowing which of your products they purchased so be sure to use list segmentation for each of your products.

There you have it the ways to attract affiliates to sell more of your product or service. If you follow the tips provide in this write-up then recruiting affiliates for your online business can be made easier for increased sales of your products or services.

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