How to Add Captions to Youtube Videos

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Everybody knows that video is hot but with over 500 hours of video being uploaded every second to YouTube how can you make sure your videos get watched? One way to give yourself an edge on YouTube is with closed captions or subtitles. In this post I'm going to show you how to add captions to youtube videos so you can get more views, subscribers, and hopefully sales.


How to Add Captions to Youtube Videos Step by Step

how to add captions to youtube videos in Video Dashboard

First things first, log into your YouTube video dashboard and select the dropdown menu on the video that you want to add a caption for and select subtitles and cc.


Youtube Language Option


Now you need to add a new subtitle and select the language that you want to transcribe your video into. In my case I am going to do English. Please note that you can do multiple languages per video.


Youtube Transcribe box

Now it's time to paste in your video transcript or actually transcribe your video inside of the “video transcript” panel. The video will pause every time you start typing so you can easily type the words that were just spoken. I had the video transcribed by a 3rd party because it's only about $0.50/minute which is so cheap it is not worth my time to do it. Remember time is money!


Youtube set timings

Your transcript should be all pasted in (or typed in if you did it yourself) and it's time to hit “Set Timings” It will take a bit for YouTube to set the timings of your video so be patient while it processes. Please note that it is related to the video length so shorter videos will be faster than longer videos. Go grab a cup of coffee and then come back and it should be done.

cc icon

Youtube setting timings
YouTube Transcribe and auto-sync check timings check timings

Now it's time check the timings of your transcript to make sure it lines up with your voice and everything is perfect. Go ahead and play the video and watch the closed captions to make sure everything looks good and fix any issues by editing the transcript and timings on the timeline.


after editing transcription

Once you have everything absolutely perfect it's time to hit “Publish” and send your closed captions out to the world.

check timings

Now it's live

You should now see an English icon next to your video with a green light next to it which means that you successfully added captions. Now go back to your video dashboard to confirm.


cc icon

Inside your video dashboard now you will see a “CC” icon next to the video you just transcribed but it will also be next to your other videos that you have transcribed.

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