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Hey everybody. It's Preston here, and I didn't want to release this video, because in this video, I'm showing you how I made over $6,000 on This is my screen here. I'm doing a screen recording. I'm doing a green screen recording, taking out the background behind me, because I wanted to show you guys it's just powerful stuff. This is my earnings in Fiverr so far. My analytics inside of Fiverr, this is not a screenshot. Okay. Look. I'm moving the screen. I'm logged in here. I've got $404 in my account that I can withdraw to my PayPal right now. I've got total earnings of over $6,400. I've got almost 400 completed orders. I've got average selling price of about 20 bucks, and $384 earned in August, and it's still pretty early in August.

As you can see, I've just started this business on Fiverr this year. It's 2017. It's already August, but I've started this and it's already going to end up probably around the 10,000, 12,000 mark for the year. That brings me to the question. This is not that much money. This is a good side hustle for me. Getting close to around 1,000 extra dollars per month, I don't know what that could do for you, if that could change your life. It's changed my life. I have extra money to do things that I want to do.

I just got back from a beach vacation. It was awesome. My Fiverr earnings, I just withdrew it and went on vacation, just like that, with the money. It's really nice to be able to have that money and know if something comes up, if my car breaks down, if anything happens, I've got this money that I could use. But, I want to show you guys how I'm doing this, because I know a lot of you are wondering. If you've never been on Fiverr, you've got to check it out, but moreso, if you're wondering. How am I doing this? What gigs am I selling because Fiverr is the gig economy? How am I doing this here? What gigs and I selling on Fiverr?

Let me go in here to the actual earnings report. And as you can see, I just want to prove to you guys that this is really something here. Look at this. I've got $6,400 made. I've withdrawn a lot of that. I've got $525 pending clearance because there's a clearing period with Fiverr. If somebody orders the gig, you don't just get the money. It goes through a process where they have to accept your order. Then, the money gets routed. Then, it takes 30 days for you to get the money. I've got 400, like I said earlier, available for withdraw. I've got $56 in active orders. I've been shooting videos all night, so that's how I'm doing this, guys. I just revealed that I'm creating videos.

You might be thinking. What am I talking about? What kind of videos? Well, I don't want to get too in depth here, because I'm going to create a whole course that's going to show you how to do this and how to do exactly what I'm doing here on Fiverr. Now, all you need to do, all you need to do to recreate this is, you need a few things. You need a smartphone. You need a tripod. You don't even need a computer. A computer helps, but you don't need a computer. You can do this all on your phone, video editing apps. I'm going to launch a whole course on how to do this and how to make this kind of money, and it's going to be a really small, small investment, compared to what you can make here, because this is a true viable business.

If you haven't heard, the world has turned into gig economies. There's a lot more consultants. There's a lot more people doing micro jobs, not necessarily the nine to five jobs, just micro jobs, gigs, where I need you to do a project. You do it. You complete it. You get the money. You move on to the next one. If you're interested to learn how to do this, if you have a smartphone, that's all you need to start creating videos that people will pay you big money for.

Look at this. If I scroll down here, somebody paid me. I got $160. This is really fantastic stuff, guys. If you're interested, I'm revealing it all. I'm not taking that many people for this. Let me start off with that. I'm not going to be taking that many people. We're going to open it up. If you want to learn more, it's not live yet. We're going live with the course next month, so if you're interested. How do you sign up? You just go over to F-I-V-E-R-R. There's also a link in the description below this video. Go there. We've got an email opt in form. You just put in your email address. You sign up and I'll send you some updates. I'll send you some tips and tricks, some things you can do to your Fiverr profile if you're already on there. Or, if you're a complete newbie, you don't know anything about this, all you need, like I said earlier, is a smartphone to get rolling with this business, and a tripod. They're really cheap. I'll show you what to buy on Amazon.

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