How To Find And Recruit Super Affiliates To Promote Your Product

Affiliates are marketers that sell products other than their own in exchange for commission. Often they will get anywhere from 40-60 percent of each sale which sounds like a lot but is actually the very definition of a win-win situation. While 60% might sound like a large amount, remember that you're getting 40% of 100% profit if it's a digital product. What's more, that's 40% that you otherwise wouldn't have gotten at all. Offering a large commission is a great move because it ensures more people will sell your item meaning more exposure and more sales.

So how do you find people who are willing to sell your product?

Where to Find Affiliatesaffiliates

The first step in gaining affiliates for your product is to get them to join your product as a affiliate. The best place to find them is on a forum with lots of digital marketers. Two great examples are Digital Point Forums and Warrior Forum. On both these forums you will find legions of webmasters, marketers and salespeople that generate their income entirely online. If you can promote your affiliate offer there and you can make it sound really tempting, you'll get lots of people selling your product.

You can also find affiliates other places too. Affiliate networks are places where most affiliate marketers hang out and look for new products to promote to their customers or email lists. There are sites like ClickBank for instance that are specifically aimed at publishers who are looking for affiliates. You can even put your product on Amazon as that way you'll naturally be able to take advantage of Amazon's affiliate network.

Believe it or not, social media marketing can also be a good technique to find affiliates. Looking on Facebook for instance can be a smart move and especially if you're a member of any groups. Google Plus is another good option, as is LinkedIn which provides lots of tools for marketing.

Another option is to contact blog owners in your niche directly and give them the opportunity to further monetize their site. Finally, make sure that you include the option to sell your product on your own site as long as that won't hurt your reputation.

How to Get Affiliates for Your Product

You must always remember that affiliates #1 motivation is money. Most affiliates first barrier to work with you is the amount of commission they will make on your product. If you offer crappy commissions then they probably won't even respond to your email. You must remember that affiliates have list of thousands of people and their time is valuable so treat them with respect. They aren't greedy they just have to make money so don't bother then with a product that offers crappy commissions. Generally affiliates make anywhere from 50% to 75% of a product they promote. After you ensure that your product has a good commission rate you need to address your product quality. You wouldn't create a bad product so don't expect affiliates to promote a bad product. That's because you want your affiliates to believe they can sell it effectively. Offering affiliates a free copy of your product is a common technique used to prove to affiliates that your product is premium quality and worthy of their time. Then they will promote their product to their list and everybody wins.

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