Mic Review & Rode VideoMic Me Giveaway


Today, I’m talking about audio, but more specifically, I’m talking about how you can upgrade your audio on your smartphone with the RØDE VideoMic Me. I’ve been playing around with this thing for the last week and a half, and this thing is fantastic. I’ll talk more about it here in a minute. You might […]

The Clickbank Guide To Affiliate Links & Tracking 2020

    This video was created to show you guys how to promote products on Clickbank with your specific affiliate links since I got a question from a reader about this specific issue. (quick shoutout to Nicolò who sent me this great question about Clickbank)   [thrive_testimonial name=”Nicolò” company=”” image=””]How does Clickbank work? and what […]

How to Sell Video to Local Businesses

So You Want To Learn How to Sell Video to Local Businesses? You may have thought about selling your web video to a local business but there is a certain way to do it as you will have to convince the business that your video is good enough. If you posses the talent in making good marketable […]

How to Create A Professional Looking Animated Logo Intro for under $20

video logo intro screenshot

  If you are creating videos online then you should think about creating an animated logo intro for your branding on your videos. Above is a animated logo intro I created for this blog and it only cost me about $20 to create it! That is a great deal considering other people are charging hundreds or even thousands […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make A Video

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make A Video

Today I want to talk a little bit about How to Make A Video. Maybe you want to create videos for your website for your blog or maybe you just want start a YouTube channel on a certain topic. Before you can jump in and start creating movies there are a few questions you need to ask yourself […]