3 Ways to Sell on Amazon in 2020

3 Ways to Sell on Amazon in 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, hello, and welcome back to another episode here on the Preston’s corner channel today, I’m going to be talking about something very, very important to a lot of you, and that is selling on Amazon. Now most of you might not know this, but actually there’s only three ways to sell on […]

Shopify vs. BigCommerce vs. WooCommerce in 2020

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another episode here! So today I want to talk about Shopify and why I think it’s the best eCommerce platform available hands down. So why I like Shopify, you know, I’ve got my own agency, it’s in the digital marketing space where I help clients with everything from e-com […]

$40,000 in Amazon Sales in 1 Month

make money on amazon

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another, another video here. I’ve been super busy. That’s why I haven’t uploaded lately. Thanks for hanging with me. You look amazing. Now let’s jump right into it here. So the big thing lately that I’ve been working on is something called retail arbitrage. Okay. Now, what the heck […]

5 Shopify Product Page Optimizations for 2020

Shopify Product Page Optimizations

I’m going to give you 5 Product Page optimizations, to help you obliteration the competition. These are tips I learned over the years helping clients do millions of dollars in sales. Product Page Tip #1: 5 Excellent Product Photos Make sure you have at least five excellent product photos. Check out how Bose does a […]