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How to Setup, Distribute, and Automate your Ebook

Good work! You have just spent weeks creating your awesome ebook but there is one problem. You don’t know how to give the ebook away on your blog and collect people’s name and email address in exchange for their download….. Not to worry I will show you how you can automate the process. They can even […]

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3 Things To Do When Your Site Gets Hacked

One of my sites got hacked the other day and I was lucky to move fast enough to contain the problem and keep the hackers out before it got any worse. In this blog post I talk about what I learned from this experience. If you are running a website then there is a 99% chance your […]

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What do WordPress & this Supercar have in common?

They Both Smoke the Competition! Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done while others struggle to get just a few things done?It’s because they know how to leverage technology to increase their productivity! WordPress is such a versatile tool for bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs. If you are not using it then you are being […]

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