JvZoo Launches JvZoo Academy with Sam Bakker


JvZoo has launched their 1st ever Training Academy. JvZoo is a global technology company that drives online sales. They provide the network, tools and solutions essential for building a successful and profitable internet business. They have partnered with internet marketing pro Sam Bakker to provide the ultimate training package for internet marketers. Why am I telling … Read more

How to Promote Products with Pretty Link Pro 2020

How to Promote Products with Pretty Link Pro Video Transcript What’s up, everybody? It’s Preston Miller here from prestonscorner.com, and today I just want to talk really quickly a little bit about affiliate links. A tool a lot of people like to use here … let me go over to this, is called Pretty Link. … Read more

What I Learned From Selling $1000+ Worth of Software as an Affiliate

affiliate marketing

Wow I can’t believe I have sold over $1,000+ worth of software as an affiliate! The small victories have just added up and now I have hit a big milestone of $1,000 in affiliate sales but how exactly did I do it? Well there’s an old salespeople saying “Show up and throw up” which is … Read more

The Clickbank Guide To Affiliate Links

clickbank guide to affiliate links main

This video was created to show you guys how to promote products on Clickbank with your specific affiliate links since I got a question from a reader about this specific issue. (quick shoutout to Nicolò who sent me this great question about Clickbank) [thrive_testimonial name=”Nicolò” company=”” image=””]How does Clickbank work? and what do I do … Read more

How To Find And Recruit Super Affiliates To Promote Your Product


Affiliates are marketers that sell products other than their own in exchange for commission. Often they will get anywhere from 40-60 percent of each sale which sounds like a lot but is actually the very definition of a win-win situation. While 60% might sound like a large amount, remember that you’re getting 40% of 100% … Read more

Interview With Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation

Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation

Today on the 1st episode of the Preston’s Corner show I have an exciting guest on the show. I am interviewing Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation about being an entrepreneur, Fiverr, and Amazon Kindle and Amazon FBA. Below are some show notes from the things we talk about in the show. I hope you … Read more

Top 10 People to Follow In Internet Marketing

top 10 people to follow in internet marketing

There are many famous people in the world of Internet Marketing but in this post I want to talk about the 10 internet marketers that you need to follow to stay up with the latest trends. You should follow these specific marketers because each one has certain skills that we can learn from and improve your … Read more

Why You Must Have A Website with Responsive Design

Screen Shot 2015 06 20 at 10.08.01 PM1

Have you noticed that you are using your smartphone more and more instead of an actual desktop computer or laptop? I noticed this for myself and many of my friends and trends predict that mobile device usage is set to explode in the next few years. I predicted this trend for my website a few years ago but … Read more

How To Begin Recruiting Affiliates for Your Product or Service

affiliate partnerships in internet marketing

If you are already running an online business but not getting desired response of sales then your first priority should be to recruiting affiliates to promote your products or services. Here are some affiliate recruitment tips are provided in this write-up to help you in this regard if you are new to your industry. Finding … Read more

Can The Zeigarnik Effect Increase Your Engagement, Subscribers and Sales?

zeigarnik effect

Introduction of the Zeigarnik Effect Sitting in a restaurant in Vienna in the 1920s, Lithuanian-born Russian psychologist and psychiatrist Bulma Wulfovna Zeigarnik (1901-1988) came upon a startling realization. She noticed that the efficient waiter vividly remembered every detail of the orders yet to be settled. Surprisingly the waiter forgot the specific details of previous orders almost … Read more

The Ultimate Guide on How To Hide Affiliate Links

how to hide affiliate links

  What are Affiliate Links? In case you don’t know what an affiliate link here is a basic definition according to Webopedia “In affiliate programs, it’s a special URL that contains the ID or username of the affiliate. This URL is used by the advertiser to track all traffic the affiliate sends to the advertiser’s … Read more

How to Start A Business Online


So You Want to Know How to Start A Business Online The growth of internet has made starting a business less complex today in comparison to the last 100 years. You don’t need millions of dollars in capital to get started in an online business. All you need is a need a computer and an internet connection. … Read more

7 Shopping Cart Options For Digital Product Delivery

shopping cart software comparison

  What cannot you possibly do with shopping cart options? You can create a professional website with a complete portfolio to woo customers. You can create a small blog- all this and much more. If you run an e-Commerce business through WordPress or if you are planning to sell your services and products on your … Read more

What Is A Squeeze Page ?

squeeze page

A squeeze page is a webpage dedicated to one goal – capturing the visitor’s information with some sort of email marketing service. Usually this is just the user’s email but it could be their name, email, phone number, address, and country. It just depends on the type of offer on the squeeze page. The basic … Read more

Thrive Themes Review

thrive themes

Hey! Preston here and today I’m giving my review of a WordPress theme and plugin called Thrive Themes. I use this product on this website (prestonscorner.com) and I absolutely love it! When I first heard about Thrive Themes I had many questions about Thrive Themes and how it all worked. I wanted to know who … Read more

10 Must Have Software Tools For Internet Marketing


As Internet utilization develops, so does the need of software tools for Internet Marketing. This new way of marketing has risen as in itself a completely new business methodology and has added to its unique extraordinary marketing devices, methodologies, and procedures. These marketing apparatuses have differentiated into different forms, and new devices are being presented every … Read more

10 Reasons Why You Need to Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

With hard work, perseverance and determination affiliate marketing can bring in a giant chunk of income. There are hundreds of different affiliate opportunities online, some being better than others. However the Amazon affiliate program is one of the best, and here are 10 reasons why you should join today. 1. Amazon Is a Well Trusted … Read more

7 Ways to Make Money with Clickbank

7 Ways to Make Money with Clickbank

Do you want to make money online? If so, Clickbank is probably the answer you’re looking for. Clickbank is an online platform where people sell information products and create affiliate programs for their products. The platform is easy to use and makes setting up your account easy. The process is also straight forward: create an … Read more

Which Email Autoresponder should you use? Mailchimp vs Aweber vs Get Response


Who should you use as your email marketing solution provider? I had always wondered this when I was going to start list building and now I have compared the top email marketing companies pros and cons so you know which features each one offers. The three companies I review are Mailchimp, Aweber, and Get Response. Autoresponder … Read more

Top 15 Ways to Build Your Email List

email list building

Email marketing is all about how to build your email list and it can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. It is significantly cheaper than other advertising methods and, if done right, helps build loyalty and trust with customers. As a result, you generate more sales and more … Read more

17 Ways To Make Money Online

online income ideas

There are thousands of ways to make money online but here are my Top 17 Ways I have found to Make Money Online. Idea #1: Sell Stock Photographs a great way to make money online is through selling stock photographs. People take pictures for free so you might as well get paid for it. You can … Read more

How to Setup, Distribute, and Automate your Ebook

host your ebook free dropbox

Good work! You have just spent weeks creating your awesome ebook but there is one problem. You don’t know how to give the ebook away on your blog and collect people’s name and email address in exchange for their download….. Not to worry I will show you how you can automate the process. They can even … Read more

Work from Home Myths and Productivity


Working from home is the internet marketer’s dream… Waking up in the morning and grabbing a cup of coffee while still in your pajamas and not to mention no morning traffic. Then jumping on the computer to check your email and sales that happened overnight is the best feeling ever, but this type of stay … Read more

Entrepreneur Makes $200k Selling T-shirts

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My Entrepreneur Friend Dave has made over $200k selling t-shirts online but here are the 3 reasons why I had to share this information with you. Reason #1: He has Zero inventory My friend Dave has found a way to sell hundreds of thousands of shirts online without carrying inventory. He does not even have a physical … Read more

Popup Domination vs. OptinMonster vs. Thrive Themes

lead generation software

If you are wanting to get leads from your website then you have come to the right place. In this post I review some of the most popular lead generation software and pick my favorite. I have personally used all three of these options extensively so you can know that I am aware of each … Read more

Why you struggle to make money online!

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 The truth is that is hard to make money online. There are so many people doing so many things that it is easy to get lost online. I had trouble getting started and it seemed like everything that I started was a great idea until I got into it and I lost interest and ended … Read more