Best Exit-Intent Popup WordPress Plugins

An exit-intent popup is an online strategy used by websites and stores or online stalls to retain visitor or a prospective customer. It does this by tracking the mouse movements and initiating a popup on the user's screen.

Website owners put in a lot of money and effort to attract visitors to their site. Sometimes, visitors do not return, and exit-intent popup WordPress plugins give you another shot to convert and follow up with visitors.

One can use the exit popup to offer a different product, obtain the visitors' information, and send a message about the company. Some of these exit-intent popup plugins include:

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is an exit popup WordPress tool that combines the best conversion strategies in the market and avails them to your website. It has features such as design and deploys, which gathers different opt-ins and creates a single plugin to ensure that the process of creating an excellent design is simple. It also has advanced targeting that enables the user to view the most relevant offers and build a profitable list.

The A/B testing feature in Thrive Leads automatically boosts your conversion rates, and though it is a high innovation product, it is easy to use. Additionally, it provides insights on performance and the source of traffic on a website.

One can opt to pay a monthly or annual subscription for thrive leads. The monthly membership, which is $19, contains all themes and exit-intent popup WordPress plugins from the tool's themes. It is also possible to pay $67, a one-time fee, and an annual renewal fee of $40, which is optional.


Most website owners prefer this tool. The tool allows you to grow your list by collecting phone numbers and email addresses and building a messenger list. It also allows you to increase your social engagement, form submissions, make announcements, and get feedback, thus connecting with your visitors.

It also increases sales by redirecting visitors, and dealing with flight abandonments, promoting special offers. OptiMonk is one of the most reliable exit-intent popup WordPress plugins that is fast and worth your time.

The pricing plan consists of three packages and a free starter plan. The free plan has three page views, a single domain, and unlimited campaigns.

The essential plan goes for $29, has one domain, 25pageviews a d unlimited campaigns. Next is the growth package with a maximum of four domains, one hundred page views, and unlimited campaigns. Finally, the premium package has five hundred pageviews, ten domains, and unlimited campaigns.

All packages except the free starter plan have two months free of charge if the user opts to pay annually.

Yeloni Exit Popup

If you are looking into eating in an exit-intent popup WordPress with various widgets, this here is right for you. The widgets, which are action buttons and popups, have different themes for social sharing, chat activation, and redirection for landing pages.
One can customize the themes to their liking.

Its three types of exit-intent popup WordPress allow the website owner to have options. It functions by detecting if the visitor clicks an internal or external link, if the visitor clicks on the back button, and by mouse movements. If one method of exit detection does not work, the website owner can utilize the other two.

It can easily integrate with other email marketing and chat services. To use Yeloni on exit popup WordPress, one can start with the free offer with unlimited contacts and email and chat support, then advance as time goes by.

However, if you are ready to get started, there is a business plan that one has to pay $4.99 a month. In this package, one can add a custom HTML, disable Yeloni branding, show selected pages on mobile and tablets, sign up for unlimited contacts, and get email and chat support.

An annual business plan goes for $49 and contains email and chats support, email marketing integration, and one can sign up for unlimited contacts. The user can also add a custom HTML, show selected pages, disable the Yeloni branding, and view it on mobile or tablet.


The tool enables you to create your offers and has an outlay that captures the visitors' attention.
The reel overlay is one of its features that allows you to reveal your visitors a customized offer. It also analyzes the designs of the landing pages.

The pic reel does not have a free trial nor a free package. The starter package goes for $14 and has 30000 pageviews, and allows 3000 visitors. The basic plan has up to 100000 pageviews, a maximum of 10000 visitors in a month, and the charges are $52.

Next is the plus package that allows a maximum of 50000 visitors in a month, 500000 page views, and a charge of $112. Finally, the pro package goes for $299, inclusive of 300000 visitors in a month and three million page views.

The Reelsurvey allows you to get customer insights as it collects feedback when visitors log in to your website. While some packages contain custom design, an onboarding specialist, unique technical customization, and a customer success manager, all plans have:

• Email and phone support
• Statistic report
• Mobile integration
• Times top-ups
• Full-service management
• Cart and form abandonment
• Onsite retargeting
• A 10- the second installation
• Unlimited domains
• Mail marketing integration
• CRM integration

Popup Maker

An exit-intent popup WordPress should have different popups, and this tool allows you to build a popup of your choice with much ease. It has many triggers that can open a popup. These ways include scrolling down a page, form submission, a click of a button, when a visitor wants to leave the page, and an automatic trigger.

Many popups can be a nuisance to the visitors on your page. The numerous popups affect the rate of your conversion. With this tool, one can control the number of times the website users can see the popups. It does this by using the cookie creation events to control the number of cookies is generated.

It also enables one to target the content and viewers using the condition property. Popup maker, unlike most exit popup WordPress tools, does not have a free starting plan. However, they have an open window for free trial in which one can try before purchasing. The starting price is $8.95 a month with a free demo, uses web-based, cloud, SaaS and live online training.


Mailoptin has many display options such as lightup popup, slide-in, online, sidebar, and notification bar. It has the A/B testing widget that allows one to make better decisions, translating to better conversion rates.

The analytics are advanced and have reports that provide insight. This insight allows you to measure the performance of your website and improve the strategies. This tool's pricing begins with the standard package of $79 per year and contains the lead generation feature, and can only serve in one site.

The pro package can then serve a maximum of three sites with lead generation, email automation, and newsletter for $199 a year. Funky is the agency package that contains newsletters, email automation, lead generation, and unlimited sites for $299 a year.

WordPress Plugins Conclusion

These Popup WordPress plugins are best for any website targeting to increase the conversion rates of the site. What do you use on your website? Let us know in the comments below!