Beaver Builder vs Elementor

Beaver Builder Overview

Beaver Builder is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows its users to design and develops a WordPress website from the front end. It offers a unique experience for beginners due to its drag and drops features that make the design process easy and straightforward. Beaver builder is also an excellent choice for seasoned designers and web creators due to its unique designs, templates, and plugins that provide a wide variety of options enabling you to build a unique and attractive website. This design template provides adequate control to create professional, fun and beautiful pages.

Elementor Overview

Elementor is a WordPress design tool that aims to transform website design by providing a virtual platform that allows you to build, manage, and develop an attractive website. This plugin and editor will enable you to make visual designs through its drag and drop feature, allowing you to work faster. It is also specially fitted with unique customization options that will enable you to customize the website and add a personal touch to your site with minimal coding knowledge. Elementor has successfully replaced the regular WordPress basic editor adding enhanced features that transforms web designs allowing you to design through an alive and visual format.

beaver builder

Beaver Builder is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows its users to design and develops a WordPress website from the front end

Price: Free to $99

Elementor is a WordPress design tool providing a platform that allows you to build, manage, and develop an attractive website.

Price: Free to $199

Cost of Beaver Builder vs Elementor

Beaver builder does not have a free option but comes in three flexible payment plans. The first plan is the standard plan that goes for 99 dollars allowing you world-class support and services for a year. The beaver builder pro is the second option, and at 199 dollars, you get to enjoy the multisite option that allows you to work on more sites.

The plan is beneficial for designers and freelancers who work for more than one organization enabling you to monitor and create their websites from one dashboard. The beaver builder agency offers unique options such as white labeling, giving you a chance to retain ownership of all designs and materials. It provides large organizations an opportunity to allow everything on their site to only market them.

Unlike beaver builder, elementor has a free option available on the WordPress directory provides an opportunity for one to jumpstart their design path. It also has three paid premium premiums. The elementor personal goes for 49 dollars giving you access to over 90 widgets. The elementor plus option goes for 99 dollars and has over 300 pre-made templates providing various options. Elementor expert is 199 dollars a year and enables you to go through a design phase exposing you to a wide variety of plugins and features that will allow you to create a unique website.

When comparing elementor vs beaver builder, the latter is fairer in price. However, they both have distinctly unique features that offer a different experience to their users. The two plugins offer you a drag and drop feature making your design easy. However, depending on your company's size, needs, and personal preference, choosing either will give you a good deal. This next section will show you more about the pros and cons of the elementor vs beaver builder, providing you an opportunity to make an informed decision.


Pros & Cons of Beaver builder vs Elementor

The beaver builder provides a simple user interface allowing you to focus more on building a web design fast. Its drag and drop abilities make it simple for both beginners and experienced WordPress developers. One unique thing about the beaver builder is its multisite component in its agency plan that enables web developers and designers to develop and manage more websites under a similar platform.

You can work for different companies and manage their websites from one dashboard, making your work easy and allowing you to provide these organizations world-class services. However, the beaver builder is also faulted for its high price plans that may not be affordable to beginners. It has no free plan making it expensive for developers on a tight budget that may not have money to pay for a premium.

Elementor, on the other hand, is loved for the free plans that open it up to a large number of designers. It is heavily visually and provides a step by step guidance that makes it easy for beginners. The platform is also easy for teaching purposes, and varied construction options make it the right choice for many people. Elementor boasts many features and various configuration options that make it versatile and easy to use. However, some designers find the builder too basic, especially experienced designers who are looking for more complex functions.


Pros of Beaver Builder vs Elementor

Pros of Beaver Builder

  1. SEO configured

The beaver builder enlists the use of code compression that means your pages load faster. The neatness of the code means you enjoy higher rankings in search engines and increase your conversion rates, making you build an excellent website saving you money used to improve SEO rankings.

  1. WooCommerce Support

Beaver build allows you to build an online store fast. You can easily drag and drop the products and rearrange them, giving you more time to focus on the product's formation and delivery.

iii. Ability to translate

The beaver builder has a WPML configuration that enables the translation of your website to other languages. This provides you an opportunity to enjoy an international presence and is useful for companies with a presence in different countries.

  1. Renewal discount

Beaver Builder has a renewal discount for anyone seeking to renew their premium two weeks before its expiry. This means you get to save some money by paying early, enabling you to reduce the price while enjoying full services.

  1. Front end editing

Beaver Builder provides you with a front-end editing ability making it ideal for users with little or no coding background. You can quickly develop your website using the drag and drop feature, allowing you to build something you like without the hustle of coding.

  1. Multisite ability

The beaver builder has multisite ability enabling you to build and manage many WordPress websites simultaneously. Thus, if you are a builder, your one subscription allows you to work on as many sites as you want to make the cost manageable. You can also use the multisite ability to see what other websites present and learn more about their design choices.

vii. Availability of pre-made templates and responsive layouts

The beaver builder has a broader variety of pre-made templates enabling you play around with your website and regularly update it to your desired choice. They also have responsive layouts that will allow you to have a website accessible on different devices with no hitches.

Pros of Elementor

  1. Has a free option

The elementor core interface is free and a download away. This makes it open to more designers allowing you to test the product before subscribing to any plan. The free option makes the exploration easy and provides the designer enough time to try out the product before upgrading.

  1. Works with all themes

The elementor builder is compatible with all themes. Meaning you do not have to worry about changing any previously used theme on your website. It is also a great feature as it covers you in case of any future changes.

iii. WooCommerce builder

Elementor supports creating and managing an online store, providing one with an affordable plugin that enables them to start their business. Its WooCommerce support is also reliable, ensuring you work closely with a team that will allow your online business to run smoothly.

  1. Availability of third-party plugins

Elementor comes with a varied number of third-party plugins making it easy to sue and increasing its versatility. The presence of third-party plugins also means you do not need to worry about spending more time downloading them.

  1. Allows for extreme customization

The elementor plugin allows for extreme customization that does not affect the back end or drastically change the interface. Its ability to accommodate extreme customization also makes it reliable, allowing you to fully integrate your style and preference into their templates and designs.

Cons of beaver builder vs elementor

Cons of beaver builder

  1. High cost

The beaver builder cost is pretty high and may easily lock out beginner designers or those working on a tight budget. Also, as compared to elementor, the price is too high, making more people shy away from the plan. It does not have a lifetime payment plan meaning you have to set aside money annually for renewal. This aspect may hinder large corporations from using the method as most prefer a one-off payment.

  1. The user interface needs improvement

The beaver builder user interface may need some upgrades. Though its functional, its options are limited and may not provide experienced designers with the assistance they require. The interface does not focus on the marketing aspect of a website; thus, it may hinder a marketing company that aggressively wants to attract customers.

iii. The theme builders’ cost extra

The beaver builder charges an extra cost for the purchase of theme builders. You thus have to set aside a budget to cover the additional costs making the overall payment higher. As compared to Elementor, which has free theme builders, the overall cost of this plugin becomes higher when all these are factored in. however, the theme builders enable you to have a professional-looking website increasing the overall performance of your website.

  1. A limited set of modules

The beaver builder avails a basic building module. However, it has a limited set of modules that may be limited to experienced developers. You may also need your website to have more elaborate options making the plan inadequate.

Cons of Elementor

  1. Outdated user interface

The elementor user interface has older features making it a bit outdated. Its slowness in upgrading its user interface may provide the more digital users a challenge navigating your site, reducing your conversion rates.

  1. The difference in editing mode

The website may look very different in editing mode, confusing for some beginners, especially those with no knowledge of the backend. It may also require more time to make changes as you have to exit the editing mode to see a clear picture.

iii. Basic templates and blocks

Available templates and blocks are pretty basic, resulting in a more basic functional website. Thus, you may have a hard time trying to make your website carry out complex functions not included in their options.

  1. Unreliable support

The Elementor support team may take a while to get back to you in case of an issue. This may prove a challenge, especially for a designer with an online store who may need to correct an error faster or understand important aspects fob the website to help them serve their clients better.

  1. Some things cannot be done with drag and drop

You cannot adjust margins with the drag and drop option, meaning you need to have some coding knowledge to enable you to do this. This fact limits designers with no coding background who may then need to hire someone else to do that, adding the overall cost.

Ease of Use for Beaver Builder vs Elementor

The beaver builder and elementor have a unique feature that one may have which are not available in the other. However, the beaver builder is highly reliable and more rock solid with varied options that make it easy to use. You can do more with the drag and drop, eliminating any need for coding knowledge. On the other hand, Elementor is continually getting famous due to its competitive price and ability to focus on both style, design, and configuration options. Its ability to accept any themes without added configuration makes it reliable for the present and future.


Price / Value for Beaver Builder vs Elementor

The beaver builder is slightly higher in price than elementor. However, the two builders have different features that justify their cost. The beaver builder allows you to work on several sites giving you value for money. At the same time, elementor provides you with unique configurations that cover up any of its shortfalls, making its price justifiable. Thus, choosing the value between beaver builder vs elementor, choosing what suits your needs is vital.

Support for Beaver Builder vs Elementor

The beaver builder boasts a more significant support team and communicates more with their clients compared to elementor. However, elementor boasts a vibrant Facebook community that allows you to get solutions to any question if their support team takes longer to respond.