10 Reasons Why You Need to Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

With hard work, perseverance and determination affiliate marketing can bring in a giant chunk of income. There are hundreds of different affiliate opportunities online, some being better than others. However the Amazon affiliate program is one of the best, and here are 10 reasons why you should join today.

1. Amazon Is a Well Trusted Company

Amazon is one of the most popular markets online, topping many others. In fact, one person conducted a survey to see all the different online stores that people ordered from. What they found was that “Amazon came up number one as the most [preferred] shopping [method].” Overall, the company has the largest variety of products.


2. Great Commissions

Amazon also offers decent commission rates, ranging from 4%-8.5%, depending on the number of items sold. The more items that are sold, or referred, the larger the commission rate. This may not seem like a lot, but it can add up fast when you have over 100 referrals.

3. No One-Time Commissions

When someone refers a person to Amazon, they don't just get a commission for only one purchase that referral makes, but all future purchases that one person makes on Amazon. This makes it much easier for the affiliate since they don't have to constantly look for new referrals.

4. Easy Referral Link Advertising

Amazon offers their affiliates many tools to promoter their personal referral links, including add-on tool bars and the like. An Amazon affiliate can easily and effectively embed links into their blog posts, social media, etc. Amazon really wants their affiliates to be successful, as they will profit from the sales too.

5. Variety of Payment Options inside the Amazon Affiliate Program

An Amazon affiliate has the option to get paid in products instead of cash. Keep in mind though that this is just an option. An affiliate making $20,000 a month is definitely not going to want to get paid in products.

Amazon Affiliate Program Commission Detail

6. Small Payments Add Up

Being an Amazon affiliate is a lot like having a savings account in some ways. Every little commission that is earned through a purchase will add up. Money really starts coming in when referrals start making big purchase on Amazon products.

7. It's an Investment that Matures in Time

At first, an affiliate may not be making so much money. But overtime, they will become more popular, thus, generating more referrals. It's important to have patience and perseverance with any affiliate opportunity, and Amazon is not an exception. However, in time it will grow.

8. Holidays Mean More Commissions

Amazon sales go through the roof on holidays, especially big ones like Christmas. In turn, this will bring in not only more commissions, but bigger commissions as well. Income from commissions alone can triple or even quadruple during these holidays. It sure is nice making extra money during the busy holidays.

Amazon stats

9. A High Demand

Unlike some websites of affiliate opportunities, Amazon has a very high demand. The reason for this is because they have an enormous variety of products. This makes it very easy for an affiliate to gain leads for Amazon. Other affiliate opportunities don't have a demand that even comes close to the Amazon affiliate program.

10. Easy Commissions

A large majority of people who order products online shop on Amazon. This makes it very easy to earn commissions. Potential leads are all around us, including friends, family, and acquaintances. Future purchases that leads make also allow for easy money, plus the fact that Amazon helps their affiliates capture leads with their tool

To Sum Up The Amazon Affiliate Program

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