7 Shopping Cart Options For Digital Product Delivery



What cannot you possibly do with shopping cart options? You can create a professional website with a complete portfolio to woo customers. You can create a small blog- all this and much more. If you run an e-Commerce business through WordPress or if you are planning to sell your services and products on your personal blog to monetize it, then you will probably love the list below. The best 7 shopping cart options for digital product delivery:


1. Cart66 lite: This is dedicated to offering several services and products and is also one of the best e-Commerce plugins for your WordPress site. Although it is quite light, yet it is extremely powerful unlike other e-commerce plugins. You can easily sell physical as well as digital products with it. You can also place your advertisements in any page and use affiliate marketing to make more profits. With a plethora of currency and shipping options, it can also help to give your enterprise an international edge.


2. eShop Plugin: Utilize this plugin if you want clients to create profiles to sign up on your website to buy your services and products. This is an extremely accessible Wordpress. It provides different methods of listing products and also has very simple controls. Customizing settings and adding your products is quite easy and simple on eShop. Additionally, it has a simple interface for prompt purchase and browsing. It also provides statistics for purchase, multiple merchant payment gateways, multiple shipping options, etc. You can also download your sales data for your own convenience.


3. Woocommerce Plugin: This comes from the developers of the popular Woothemes. It is very well known as a plugin that lets you sell anything on your website, “beautifully”. It promises to provide powerful facilities as well as elegance. It is also backed by the “Woo” brand that will give your website e-credibility. The best features include, international and domestic extensions as well as delivery for creating Google Product Feed and personalized products. It is also highly customizable and comes with a plethora of payment options including Cash on delivery, Cheque, Paypal and many more options.


4. WP Auctions: This is acclaimed as the best among many WordPress users. It is an innovative plugin that lets you host several auctions on your site or blog easily and completely free. It has several features- you can build and host unlimited auctions, upload multiple pictures for each auction, sell products and services only on “Buy it now” basis, get payments through PayPal, RSS feed for the auctions, show third party advertisements when there are no new auctions, and many more. Also, you can generate some traffic to your website by registering your plugin with the Live Page of WP Auctions.


5. Quick Shop: This is a simple and complete plugin basic users. It adds a widget that highlights and shows the customers what presently they have in their shopping cart and also lets them remove the products. A handy feature of this plugin is the TinyMCE listing button that allows customers to easily add products to pages or posts. Besides, it has the full range of formatting, ability to drop-down add product options, MU compatibility and much more.


6. YAK: This is a free plugin that builds a simple cart that associates products, in a way that it turns pages and posts ID to product ID. It also handles different types of products through different categories and provides multiple purchase options like standard PayPal integration, Google Checkout Integration and much more. It also supports downloadable items, order administration, multiple product types, sale reports and promotions. Additionally, it has three screens- one for product management, one for basic sales reports and another for fulfilling and showing orders.


7. Samcart: This amazing plugin helps you to create and publish your first product in less than a minute. Their user friendly interface and simple design can make selling digital products extremely simple. The landing page templates are designed to convert and are also customizable. Additionally, it provides you with a plethora of high converting templates to pick from. Each one of which is designed by marketing professionals with years of experience in digital sales.

Using these shopping cart options for digital product delivery is something to strongly consider for the success of your business.

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