7 Benefits of Using JVZoo to Launch, Sell, & Promote Your Product

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JVZoo is a website like ClickBank that makes it easy for marketers and publishers alike to take advantage of affiliate programs. Whether you choose JVZoo or another option like ClickBank, this is a fantastic way to make a huge profit and to drastically increase your sales. Read on to find out three of the biggest reasons why.




Benefit One: Control Over Affiliates

Unlike other affiliate networks JVZoo lets you control who promotes your product. Affiliates have to apply to promote your product and you can set them to instant commissions, delayed commissions, or deny their affiliate application to your product. When an affiliate applies to promote your product you get to see who they are and how many sales they have on JVZoo already. This is a great way to separate the average affiliates from the pro affiliates.

Benefit Two: Social Discounts

jvzoo social discount

Once a buyer clicks the buy button on your sales page then are taken to the order page and they can receive a discount for sharing with their friends on Facebook. You can set the amount of the discount for your product but you will want to make sure it's enough that they would share but not too much that you feel bad for losing some cash. Just remember the more people that share your product on social media the more exposure your product will receive and hopefully more sales!

Benefit Three: Various Pricing Options Including Dime Sales

When you list your product for sale on JVZoo you have the flexibility of setting a flat price for your product or you can set it as a dimesale where the price increases with each purchase. You can set the amount of the price increase per sale or your can even set it to every couple couple sales. So for example you could set your product price to increase $2 every 3 sales. All you have to do is put your custom payment button on your sales page and it will automatically change the price according to your dime sale setttings.

Benefit Four: Easy Sales Funnels

This is an example sales funnel from Infographics: IM edition. It's important for all product vendors to maximize revenue with a sales funnel. So that once a customer buys your main product you can offer them an upsell product or if they decline the upsell you can offer a downsell product. 

Benefit Five: Autoresponder Integration

You can easily integrate your customer's email with your autoresponder service so that whenever a customer purchases your product they are put onto your new “buyers” email list. This function is compatible with most autoresponders so you can stay in contact with them even after the sale.

Benefit Six: Easy to Read Analytic Dashboard

With any platform it's important to have an easy to read dashboard where product vendors and affiliates can see their current stats. You can easily see how many visitors, clicks, and sales you had on your products or your affiliate promotions. You can even customize the search field and search larger intervals like weeks, months, or a year at a time.

Benefit Seven: Great for Software Vendors with Authentication Keys

If you create software then JVZoo is a great way to sell your software because of it's ability to help you generate software keys for each sale. If you sign up as an affiliate on JVZoo here then you can see what the best selling products of all time are and how many sales they had. It's not surprising that the best selling products are software products and more importantly video creation software products. 

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