5 Epic Reasons Why Thrive Themes is Better Than LeadPages

1. Thrive is Hosted on Your WordPress Site

leadpages hosting differences

Thrive Themes lets you stay in control your data because it’s hosted on your WordPress website whereas LeadPages are hosted on their servers meaning they control your data. They even state this on their website that they reserve the right to delete your data as soon as you cancel your account or keep it for however long they want. I don’t know about you but I would much rather have my content hosted on my website rather than a third-party vendor who controls your content.

leagpages delete your data

2. Support isn't based on Membership level

thrive themes support

Thrive Themes and Leadpages both have different package levels meaning you can pay more to get more features with both of the services. Both services offer support but only Thrive Themes offers full support no matter which package you buy. Lead pages gives priority support to their higher-paying customers. It’s not really a big deal it’s just something you should be aware of but let me just say I cannot rate Leadpages support because I’ve never used the service. I can tell you that Thrive Themes has amazing support because I’ve used it multiple times.

3. Thrive Membership is a Better Value

Thrive Themes is better than Leadpages

Like I said earlier both services have varying levels of membership. I hate to compare apples to oranges but the easiest comparison would be the Thrive Themes full membership $228 per year to the Leadpages Pro $588 per year package.

Thrive Membership vs Leadpages Feature Comparison

4. Page Builder is Thrive Only

Thrive content builder

 Thrive Membership gives you full control over your webpages, your pop-ups, your landing pages, and much more.  Pretty much every element in Thrive is customizable so you can make it look exactly how you want. 

5. TypeFocus is Only on Thrive 

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