17 of the Best Chrome Extensions To Install Right Now

In case you didn't know Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser because of its speed, attractive interface, security as well as compatibility with other devices. In fact, it is one of the best software products that Google has provided us even though it's 100% FREE! Chrome has plenty of built in functionality; however, the addition of Google Chrome extensions will definitely provide chrome users with superpower like abilities. Here are my top 17 Chrome extensions that everybody should be using

Extension #1: ColorZilla


ColorZilla is an extension for Google Chrome which helps the graphic designers as well as web developers with tasks which are color related – both basic as well as advanced. ColorZilla consists of an Eye Dropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other advanced color tools.

Extension #2: Evernote

evernote image


evernoteEvernote is a kind of extension for Google Chrome which can be compared with a Swiss Army knife. Apart from performing something quite similar to the Readability and also cleaning up the web pages so that they can be viewed later, it can even capture the web page using the WebClipper tool. It is also feasible to save articles, bookmark pages and also take screenshots.

Extension #3: KDSPY

kindle spy

This particular extension for Google Chrome is compatible with both Mac and PC. In fact, it takes less than a couple of seconds to install this extension irrespective of what computer you are using. You might browse any particular category within the Amazon Kindle marketplace and KDSPY will be automatically reverse engineering the most popular sellers in the background. In case you would like to have more info regarding a Kindle category, simply click on this extension and within a few seconds, you’ll be able to understand the landscape of that particular category and also the possible profit which you might make there.

Extension #4: LastPass

last pass

LastPass happens to be a completely free password manager as well as form filler which helps to make your web browsing more secure and easier. This extension has the ability to capture passwords and allow you to make effective passwords very easily. Your private information is locally encrypted prior to upload and thus it is not possible even for LastPass to gain access to it.

Extension #5: Mozbar


This is actually an advanced SEO extension which is available for Google Chrome. It helps you to access vital SEO metrics whilst browsing the web pages. You will be able to view metrics such as Page Authority and Domain Authority, highlight as well as analyze links while you browse, expose page contents quickly and also gain access to other effective SEO tools.

Extension #6: NoFollow Simple

no follow chrome extension


This extension is a simple add-on which will outline all the Nofollow links on the web pages. You can view this outline as red dashed lines all around the anchor text. NoFollow Simple is actually a simpler edition of the NoFollow extension that is more configurable and also has even more innovative features.

Extension #7: In-Page Analytics (by Google)

Google Analytics

This extension is provided by means of a Chrome plug-in which is obtainable on the Chrome Webstore. As soon as it is downloaded, you will be able to access the In-Page Analytics by means of your personal Google Analytics account. It offers you key information overlaid on your website.

Extension #8: Wappalyzer

wappalyzer chrome extension

Wappalyzer is a basic Google Chrome extension which informs you regarding which programs are being utilized by the site you are looking at. This extension has got many uses such as looking at the server information, finding out which platform a site is built on, figuring out which particular analytics platform a website is utilizing and also which frameworks are being utilized.

Extension #9: TubeBuddy


This is a browser plug-in meant for Google Chrome as well as some other popular browsers which assist you to manage your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy allows you to automatically upload, update, or even delete annotations as well as cards on the channel. This extension also provides social media integration so that you are able to post video clips to Facebook and also track shares.

Extension #10: Word Count Tool

word count pro

Word Count Tool is actually a character counter and a word counter tool which is able to count the number of characters as well as words in the selected text. You simply need to select your text and then right-click to get the context menu of the Word Count Tool.

Extension #11: Video Downloader Professional


Video downloader proVideo downloader pro

This is a 100% free extension for Google Chrome which you can download from the Chrome Webstore. Video Downloader Professional has an uncomplicated and easy interface and also has the ability to play videos by means of Chromecast directly on television. Also, it is quite easy to install this plug-in. We can even add video clips to a video list very easily. However, there are certain drawbacks for this extension like it is not able to save the file by its name that you have downloaded and also you are not able to select the download quality.

Extension #12: Print Friendly & PDF

print friendly

Print Friendly & PDF is an extension for Google Chrome which is able to remove advertisements, navigation, and other types of junks prior to printing. This extension is also capable of generating PDF files which are print-friendly and the PDFs are going to include the source URL as well as clickable links.

Extension #13: Tunnelbear


It is a free extension for VPN. Tunnelbear provides us with a VPN service which gives us access to virtually any content obtainable in the UK or in the US with only one click. At present, it is also available for the Android users.

Extension #14: Hover Hound


This particular extension helps you by allowing you to perform comparison shopping with TigerDirect and Amazon. It is quite straightforward to use. After it is installed, Hover Hound adds a simple bottom to the browser which will allow you to check the identical product instantly at Amazon as well as TigerDirect. A new tab will open when you click this button and this will lead you to the product page of Amazon or TigerDirect. Besides this, you may also move your mouse cursor over the button and Hover Hound will provide you with real-time pricing info from TigerDirect and Amazon.

Extension #15: Pocket


Often you do not have sufficient time to go through your preferred video, articles or any other web pages. However, it is possible to save it and read it afterward. Pocket will automatically sync to your tablet, phone or computer. Therefore, you will be able to view the saved videos or web pages at any given time without any Internet connection. In fact, Pocket is the best extension that you can have for your daily online reading.

Extension #16: Feedly


This extension will organize your preferred sources in a start page that resembles a magazine. It is definitely a quick and stylish method for reading and also sharing the content of your preferred sites as well as services. Feedly offers seamless integration with Twitter, YouTube, Google Reader and Amazon.

Extension #17: Wunderlist



Wunderlist is a Google Chrome extension which makes it very easy to clip web pages while you browse. It allows you to add quite a bit more to your Wunderlist easily and quickly much like you can with sites like Evernote and Diigo. Do you require bookmarking a site in order to read it afterward? Do not worry. Once installed, you only require clicking the Wunderlist icon in the toolbar and then add it to your preferred list.



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